I Need a Foam Finger

I’m still #1 in the weight loss challenge. I went down just a weeeee bit this past week to put me at 3.2 total pounds lost. I’m surprised, to be honest. I’ve been on a carb-fest and not doing my evening walks and my period should arrive at crap o’clock tomorrow so I’m likely even bloated sooooo, it’s possible once that is all gone and I don’t go full bore nuts with eating I’ll see a nice drop next week! Yay! And if I maintain this rate I should, hopefully, get to 11 pounds lost by the end. I can do this!

So, as I mentioned I’ve not been doing my evening walks. But I’ve also not just been going home and plopping on the couch, either. I’ve run some errands, straightened up piles in the house, cooked, and cleaned the kitchen a bit and that’s not really allowed for much more than, maybe, an hour of sitting in the evening. Which is great. But it doesn’t get me to my 10k steps goal, either.

Yesterday I had reached peak irritation and it’s amazing to me how my boyfriend and my friend, Randi, just know me so well, you guys. Usually my boyfriend knows just in how I answer the phone that something is wrong and Randi just picks up tone in my IMs! It’s amazing. So, she picked up my mood and then allowed me to unload on her for an hour and then I felt better and then I realized last night “Yes, this thing is bothering me for sure but….PMS enhanced it.”  PMS is a bad mood enhancer, you guys. Then I open Facebook this morning and see a Woman’s Day post that just feels like a nice “fuck you” to me and I want to lash out but I will not. It is not about me. It is about the person that wrote it and I can rise above.

I sure do get tired of rising above, though.

Saturday was the charity hike and it was the longest hike I’ve done since being sick and I did great without any training and that made me feel good. Like, I can tell I’m not in peak shape but I’m no where near ground zero shape, either, Woo! I now have a really big hike planned for May and I’m looking forward to that and I need to get in shape for it. A goal!! A GOAL!!

During the hike, however, I found myself a bit back from my friends and it was nice and quiet and I was just taking in my surroundings and I suddenly felt this calmness take over my body. Like, I literally felt it flow down from my head to my toes. Calm and happiness. It’s like a nice warm feeling, cozy and relaxing. In that moment I knew without question how great my life is and how happy I am. Everything is not perfect, of course, but my life is rad anyway. I have friends that love me and are just amazing and supportive. I have a great boyfriend that does all of these tiny, quiet little things to show me love. My Mom and Dad are supportive of me to the end. I’m in the right place, right state. I have hiking. I have my life and I love it.

My food this week, for those that want to know:

Breakfast has been egg muffins with roasted red peppers and chorizo with a bit of creme fraiche. DELICIOUS! Also my usual one cup of coffee with the Natural Bliss creamer.

Lunch has been fried chicken meatballs (paleo) and a bit of pesto orzo. I’m on a pesto kick. I want to pesto all the things.

Dinner Monday was a bit of steak as I cooked and a few meatballs to make sure they tasted ok. Dinner Tuesday was, not proudly but deliciously, a large bowl of Breyer’s Reese’s ice cream and a quarter of a steak. Dinner last night was creamy cajun pasta with Andouille sausage. It must have been real good because the boyfriend had three servings! I know I sure liked it.

Over the weekend I used my hike as an excuse to eat a corn dog AND a hot dog on Saturday and then I had crab alfredo on Sunday so, yeah, being down in weight is amazing. But I’m keeping my lunch time walks going so I’m sure that helps as does the not sitting all evening despite not walking.

I’m doing the right things, I know it. I feel good about it. I just need to get back out there in the evenings and walk it off. It’ll help the mood and help the scale and help with my training for the big hike!

This weekend I have a Blue Apron box coming so that will be lunches and dinners for next week. One has pasta. It’s fine.

On an unrelated to diet and hiking and me note….I have to take my wee girl dog that I love too much to an ophthalmologist this weekend to find out what the cloudy areas on her eyes are and what the future may hold for her. Going blind is not the worst thing in the world, of course, but she is my little hiker and I love seeing her stand on large rocks to survey her desert kingdom and it’ll be sad if she loses that. So, good thoughts for us that it’s something we can slow the progression of, or isn’t a big deal at all and only requires drops, or is just nothing but little clouds and nothing to worry about or put drops on. Please and thank you and fuzzy kisses from my girl kid.


Finish Line

Apparently when I’m doing other things out here in my real life, I can’t keep up with being up to date here. It’s fine.

Thursday gym looked like this:

FM hack squat 60×15 80×15 80×15
KB front squat with reverse lunge 18×10 18×10 18×10
FM cable curl & press 20×10 20×10 20×10
Planks 30s 45s 60s
Supermans 20 20 20
Leg lift crunch 10 / 10 10 / 10 10 / 10

I was late getting to the gym due to work so only got in 45 minutes. But he is really pushing me now. No more long breaks in between. Work and talk. Talk and work. Progress, Andrea! We’re making it.

Super hot trainer was there again. So I put on my smiley face. Every time he even looked like he was looking my way? I was smiling. Big, nice, happy girl smile. That’s how I flirt.

I did not hike this weekend due to the Relay for Life. But then the relay wound up getting rained and winded out. I walked for about an hour before this super wind hit and blew down all of the tables, tents, foods, and brought heavy cold wind. This does happen in the desert. Now you know!

Before decided whether or not we were going to call the relay a wash or not we wound up at Applebee’s as it was the only place open that late. I told the waitress I was sorry for “being that person” but she was so awesome in helping me put together something I could eat that would be compliant. She even sat down at the table and went over some options with me and we settled on a nice 4oz steak and sweet potato fries. She was awesome, nice, helpful, and patient and I wish I’d gotten her name so I could send in a note. That’s how much I appreciated her.

I spent my weekend cleaning my house and cooking. I bought a Dutch oven and new pots and pans. Then I cleaned my house and now my dogs are trying to put their touch on it buy spreading the inside of their stuffed toys hither and yon. Oh, dogs.

I always put off the cleaning. Especially of my room. I’ll clean the whole house and leave my room for last and then decide, eh…who’s seeing it anyway?

The answer is me. I’m seeing it. And I finally really saw it.

A nice glimpse into the teenager that, apparently, still lives in my soul.

A nice glimpse into the teenager that, apparently, still lives in my soul.


But then I cleaned it and now I have the soul of an adult.



In my cleaning I got rid of 26 items bringing my total to 249 items tossed out of my house. This consisted of old towels that barely covered my body thanks to being holey that I got for wedding gifts in 1995 and was still using, old undies that were not suitable for viewing, and then ten random assed things I had laying about my room that serve no purpose other than to take up space. No more randoms! You are out of here.

I also got rid of all of the cat stuff that I thought I’d already gotten rid of and hung more stuff on the walls in the computer room. So, I was busy and productive.

More cooking occurred to stay on the Whole30 and I am now on Day 29!!! Tomorrow is Day 30!! I’m gonna put creamer in coffee on Wednesday and see what happens! I’m planning to go out for a nice, local burrito that doesn’t have cheese on Friday! WOO!!

The last few days, though, I’ve felt nauseated off and on. Which sucks because I have no idea what is causing it. I am eating super healthy, I am sleeping so great, I have energy, etc. And then now? Random nausea. That sucks. Like, even right now I feel as if I could hurl. Not the best feeling, that.

I won’t weight myself again until Wednesday. Weigh and measure for the final results. I AM SO EXCITED!

There’s, also, people at work that have noted the improvements. One is now doing the Whole30 and asking me lots of questions, which is great, and another has made lots of healthy improvements in her diet. I think that is fantastic.

And now I’m gonna go lay down and try not to puke. You’re welcome!

One Week

Apparently I’m just going to be a Saturday blogger. That’s fine. It’s my blog and I’m the boss!

On Sunday I took the two dogs on the easy hike.

One of them is a hiker. The other one is a dog that likes to be on a walk. There is a difference!

One of them is a hiker. The other one is a dog that likes to be on a walk. There is a difference!

It was mostly good and then we went home. Where I had my first breakfast with the homemade breakfast sausage I made. OMGYUM. It was so good! I scrambled two eggs and mixed in the “sausage” and topped it with salsa and that was really good. I had that for breakfast most days and dinner after the gym since there’s no actual time to cook anything major.

I then got an entire chicken put together and into the crockpot and it turned out so good. That was my lunch for the week along with some green beans.

Crock pot chicken!

Crock pot chicken!

Work lunch all week. Totally Whole 30 compliant!

Work lunch all week. Totally Whole 30 compliant!

Sunday night was a free for all last hurrah because I had tickets to go see Dave Chappelle with a friend. So we had dinner and drinks and so many laughs!

But then Monday it was GAME ON! I started the Whole 30 for real and for the entire day I had no sugar or caffeine because I had no tea bags at my house. But I did research on McDonald’s unsweetened tea to make sure they don’t sneak anything sneaky and bad in there and they do not so it’s compliant and I used that as a solution until I bought tea bags!

Unsweetened tea is not gonna be so bad.

Unsweetened tea is not gonna be so bad.

Monday I was headachy and dizzy and generally kind of ugh. They warn you of the timeline on what to expect as far as how you feel as you adjust to eating whole, real food and so far they’ve been pretty spot on.

I joined the Whole 30 daily email program they have but since I joined up on Monday I had to set my Day 1 as Tuesday so they are a day off from me. Which is fine, I’m going by my timeline since I know I’ve been compliant each day thus far!

Tuesday I felt like complete and utter shit but I went to work out with Tyler as scheduled. And he did NOT take it easy on me. I learned I have no idea how to properly stand up. So, he put me up against the wall to practice standing up with the rocking motion most of us do and I brushed my face against the wall once so we just determined that was extra exfoliation for the day.

Walking lunges LOT LOT
DB front squat to stepper 20×10 20×10 20×10
Quick step ups 30 30 30
roman chair leg raises 15 15 15
FM chest press 20×20 25×15 30×10/5
FM row 40×20 50×15 60×10/5
Decline sit ups 10 10 10

He kept increasing the weight on the chest presses and rows to show me that it was all in my head. That the sugar withdrawl was lying to me and making me think I was weak but in reality I was basically doing everything he asked of me. It felt harder than usual and I did get quite dizzy but I made it through and wound up doing so much more than I even realized!

Tuesday was also my first unsweetened iced tea from Mc D’s and it wasn’t so bad, really. And? I ate a banana! I generally do not like bananas but that was so good.


If this doesn’t make you giggle I don’t know what to do with you.

Wednesday I felt a bit better. I bought another unsweetened iced tea from Mc. D’s on the way to work. Then I went to the grocery store after work to buy more strawberries, blackberries, and bananas! I made garlic basil tilapia and mashed sweet potatoes with cloves and cinnamon. I also ordered the book It Starts With Food for my kitchen and pre-ordered the Whole30 Book because I’m that motivated and serious. I’m that person now. 

I started reading this Friday night and I'm already on Chapter 6 and I now feel like they wrote this just for me. I totally understand why I haven't lost weight! But I shall still keep my weight loss expectations low despite what all the people I know that have done this have told me.

I started reading this Friday night and I’m already on Chapter 6 and I now feel like they wrote this just for me. I totally understand why I haven’t lost weight! But I shall still keep my weight loss expectations low despite what all the people I know that have done this have told me.

On Thursday I had two eggs, no sausage, strawberries, and blackberries for breakfast. I took the blackberries and a banana to the office for snacks if needed. I drank pumpkin spided Chai tea. It was OK, better than no tea. But I prefer just usual black tea to that.

Then off I went to the gym to work with Tyler. I took my backpack with all my gear in it with me. I did my warm ups and then he put me on the stairmill with the backpack on for a few minutes. And then off we went to do steps on the box.

with backpack 15lbs
Step up to lateral step up 10 10 10
Box squats 10 10 10
Step up with resistance bands (behind,2sides) 10(4)
Box squats 10
SB DB chest press 15×15 15×15 15×15
SB crunch 20 20 20
Active stretch X

At one point I’m doing the step up to lateral step ups and another trainer comes over and is all “Now that I’ve seen you on the stairmill with your pack on none of my clients are allowed to complain. You’ve raised the bar!” I AM THE BAR AT THE GYM FOR SOMETHING!!! I never thought that would be a thing.

The box squats were more practice of standing up properly. With my pack on! He gave me scenarios as to why this may be important and I’d mime these scenarios and he’d laugh and then I’d get serious. But I gotta go for that laugh first, apparently.

Then as we’re doing the step ups with resistance bands, which, let me just tell you what that is. He wrapped what was essentially a giant rubber band around my hips, pulled on it, then made me step up and down the box without losing my balance! He did that from behind and each side. I had to do 10 step ups with each leg. One of the front desk dudes came by and said “That looks horrible!” But it wasn’t!

Before I got to the gym on Thursday I thought I felt kinda bad. But once I was there doing everything, I felt pretty good. By the time I left I felt like my normal self!

The last set of swiss ball chest presses, though, was hard and I really had to push through but I did and he said “Good set!!” That made me happy.

Then we did active stretches because we did so much leg stuff on Tuesday then again on Thursday.

My office was closed for Good Friday so a co-worker friend and I went to Bearizona to see bears. Because I love them!

The main reason I went? This. Baby bears.

The main reason I went? This. Baby bears.

I had breakfast before we left and had a McD’s unsweetened tea for the drive and for lunch we went to a steakhouse and I had a steak and a salad that I simply put salt and pepper on and it was fine. The only hard part was when they brought the rolls to the table. Good lord they smelled amazing. But I refrained. Like a good Whole 30 participant.

When I got home I didn’t feel like cooking anything super elaborate so I did more scrambled eggs and “sausage” but this time I also sauteed zucchini then used half of it for my dinner and that was delicious!

So good. Vegetables!

So good. Vegetables!

So far over the first six days of this I’ve learned that there are so many delicious foods that don’t include sugar, pasta, cheese, or Oreos! Who knew?!?!?

Then once that was done and I settled in for the evening with some Hulu Plus queueing, I had this going on:

This is why you have two doggies. Double the cuddles.

This is why you have two doggies. Double the cuddles.

I was supposed to do a difficult hike today, Saturday, but I had fully entered the upset stomach stage and for a while I could not be far from home. Once that calmed a wee bit I went to Costco and Sprouts to buy good food.

So much health.

So much health.

I made a chocolate chili that a friend of mine pointed me to and it is amazing! That will be my lunch for the week. And I made plenty so I can go ahead and, likely, freeze half for use another time! That’s the good thing about following recipes for several servings and you’re only eating for one!

Once this was all combined and cooked? It was tasty in my mouth.

Once this was all combined and cooked? It was tasty in my mouth.

If everything I make during these 30 days is this tasty I’m not going to have any problem staying compliant!

Today is my Day 6. I’ve made it to Day 6!!!

Tomorrow morning, belly rumbles to determine, will be a hike. And then I’ll spend the day cleaning and cooking some pork chops that I saw a picture of in the It Starts With Food book. They have basic recipes in there to make it easy for you and that is fantastic!

I’m so excited by everything I’ve read in the book and all of the tasty food I’ve made and I want to talk about it but then I know that I used to be one of those people that rolled their eyes when others were excited about their healthy lifestyle so I will try to keep it toned down. I don’t want to get obnoxious. But I am very excited! I cannot wait to find out what this does for me in the end. I’m hoping, of course, for weight loss, but I’d love to see if this regulates my period for me. I’d love to see the semi-dark circles under my eyes go away. I’d like to see me have energy all day until it’s my body’s natural time to start relaxing in the evening. I’m so excited!! But I’ll keep it chill.

So Many Things!

So, I hiked last weekend. Let’s talk about that, shall we.

On Saturday I hiked with the group that I like…until I hike with them. They just don’t go well with me. The hike itself was amazing and beautiful and I’m glad I went.

Superstition Mountains in the spring is one of the loveliest places ever.

Superstition Mountains in the spring is one of the loveliest places ever.

We hiked up to Praying Hands and they said there wasn’t much elevation gain, etc. on this hike but that was just not really true. The entire trail was a good, steady uphill and I did well on that part. And that made me feel amazing because the last time I hiked on a similar trail out there I had to rest a lot. But then we got to super steep, narrow trail and I didn’t like it but I was managing OK. But we just kept climbing and my head wasn’t right and I got lost in it and then I finally got a spot I hated and I stopped to think about it and the lady that is super nice but I can’t deal with her management style on the trail says “KEEP MOVING, ANDREA! THERE’S PEOPLE BEHIND YOU!” Well, no shit. I know that. I know I am not a special snowflake and I know I am not the only fucking person on the trail but goddamn. I like my usual groups method better. “What do you need, Andrea?” or they just get behind me and gently nudge me up the hill. They get me. This lady just mutters to her friend about how I need to stop listening to the negative voice of anxiety in my head. Again, no shit. But easier said than done sometimes. Especially once someone yells at me when I’m in that state. So, I found a rock and I sat on it and refused to go further.

On the way down my friends that were on the hike helped me as well as a member of the group we were with. He was very understanding of where I was and he was just really nice. But the whole thing got into my head and I’m realizing now that it actually impacted my entire week.

On Sunday I took Gladys on our nice, easy hike with our usual group of friends and there was another dog on the hike that just so happened to need a home. He and Gladys looked super cute together and it got my little wheels in my brain moving.



On Monday I made contact with his owner and made arrangements for a “trial run” to see how Gladys would feel about having a dog in her house. By Tuesday I was already renaming him and buying him a new collar, leash, and harness. So, I have an additional dog in my home. We’re a family of three now.

Couch time.

Couch time with Gladys and Riley.

But I also worked out with Tyler on Tuesday, as per usual!

Foam roller
DB SB chest press 20×10 20×10 15×10
SB crunch 15 15 10
SB arm extened plank hold knee tucks 5 5 5
rope work 20:10 3min 6 exercises x
DB single arm opposite leg shoulder press 10×10 10×10 10×10
Ski jumpers 10 10 10
Standing bird dogs 10 10 10

My hip had been bothering me for some days and I’d not stretched or rolled so he made me roll before we got started. It made a difference. I should get on that more regularly like a reasonable person. How many times have I said this now?

I’m not sure why I only did 10 crunches on the swissball on my last set. No idea at all.

He made me do planks on the swissball and then do knee tucks. He lightly held the ball but that made me feel like I wasn’t doing anything and he couldn’t make me believe he wasn’t totally holding it still so he then put it up against the TRX frame and said “Do it! See the difference?” and then I knew that he was basically just a set of training wheels and I then I did them and felt ok with my performance. It’s this type of thing that slowly made me realize that my behavior on Saturday got into my head and shook my confidence a bit and woke up my anxiety a bit more than that.

In fact, I should take a Xanax now and just kinda level off! Hang on… Back! Sometimes you just kinda need a help in leveling off, man.

On the DB single arm opposite leg shoulder press, my balance was good then it wasn’t then I was kicking out my bent leg to counter balance which Tyler said was ok, it was better than putting it on the ground, etc. Lots of balance work. The ski jumpers were for balance, too. And the standing bird dogs, I think were where I had to stand on one leg with both hands up in the air then you bring the bent leg up and crunch one arm down to meet the knee while keeping the other arm up in the air. I did not do these well. He wants me to practice this at home. To that I can only say this:

Wednesday I did home stuff with the dogs and the pool.

Thursday I did gym stuff. And I was not in a happy place in my head and my performance at the gym was bullshit.

TRX weight stick push up hold 10 10 10
TRX weight stick row 10 10 10
TRX weight stick ab extension 10 10 10
TRX weight stick crunch 10 10 10
Med ball purple push up high toss 20xLOT 20xLOT
Assisted pull ups 160×15 150×15 150×15

The TRX weight stick push up hold was TERRIBLE and I HATED IT and it was all because of anxiety and crap.

When he explained to me what the TRX weight stick ab extension was I was all “Awww, hell naw, I ain’t doing that.” But I totally did it and it was my favorite thing of the session.

The medicine ball purple push up high toss things? I had to do a burpee holding onto the ball, then a push up (which I think is actually part of a real burpee) and then pick up the ball and toss it high but far. But not like a basketball. I, apparently, have the March Madness! But I did these. In a terrible fashion.

We finished things off with assisted pull ups. They were ok.

Friday I went to a baseball game and ate a bacon wrapped hot dog and had a beer. Then I came home and did home stuff with the dogs and the pool and decided that I just should not go on the big hike today, Saturday. My friends were doing a special return trip to Oro Valley to do that second hike that scared the crap out of me. I was really very much looking forward to it but in all honestly, I just added a dog to my life. I’m away from the house 10 – 12 hours each day and he’s been couped up with Gladys, a new to him dog, during that time. The evenings have been spent with them playing frenetically then going to bed then more of that in the mornings before I leave for work. And Gladys’ whole routine has been disrupted as well. I didn’t think it was right to then also take the first day off to leave the house super early and then be gone all day again. I am going to take them hiking tomorrow morning, yes, and I’ll be home most of the day but I have plans tomorrow evening that are set. So, I let my responsible dog owner take over and I cancelled today’s hike. And it’s been really good. They’ve taken naps. They’ve shared couch space. They’ve been outside. They’re not playing like wild monkeys so much. A whole lot of settling in has started and it’s fantastic. That means that I’ll be able to start retraining Riley in some areas he needs improvement in.

Sharing space, sharing me.

Sharing space, sharing me.

I did, however, make a small grocery store list from the Whole 30 program and hit the store. Instead of buying pre-made breakfast sausage I bought ground pork and then researched what spices to mix into it to create my own breakfast sausage.


wpid-20150328_165844.jpgIt is now in the fridge to let all of the flavors join together and when I get home from the hike I’ll brown it up, scramble some eggs, and I’ll have my first Whole 30 approved meal. It’s just too bad I also bought milk and ice cream at the store. Ooops.

I also went to REI and spent my dividend check plus some of my own cash. Because my dividend was not that huge. But it was huge enough to totally pay for a new hydration pack that I can wear on my super easy hikes. My day pack is now too big for that. That’s for my long day hikes. This pack will be for my Sunday hikes. And I bought three pairs of hiking socks and now I am all set for socks for the canyon! Also, thanks to my dividend check I know that I spent $1,050 on hiking gear last year! But only $600 of that was eligible for dividending. I bought some stuff on sales that were far too good to pass up.

Well, the Xanax has kicked in, which is good timing. OH, but I should also add that I got rid of three more things in the 1,000 Things Challenge before I close.

Good bye stuff!

Good bye stuff!

The mouse and monitor are being donated to a group home for kids so they can do homework and the earbuds that Gladys chewed up as a puppy were tossed in the trash, as they should have been last year when it first happened.

What I have now realized in my own head on my own, which is great, is that I need to try to not let people like that one hike lady get to me. I need to change how I respond to that so I don’t regret my behavior later. That’s going to be a challenge. And I need to rely on myself again. I’ve got a friend on the hikes that I have realized is my security blanket. She’s not always going to be there. And it’s not fair to her, really, to have to slow down or whatever when I call to her to get me through something. I need to rely on myself. I can do that. These are things for me to work on.

And now I will run. I’m feeling too groovy to type!


New Things!

Monday I wore a pair of my Doc Martens to work and realized they just do not fit. So I asked a coworker that wears my size if she’d want them and she enthusiastically said yes! So they are now hers. I forgot to take a photo, though, before giving them to her. But they are part of my 1,000 Things Project. I will no longer hold on to things I cannot use! That brings my total to 157 items outta here!

I walked Gladys on Monday. We, apparently, think walking around our neighborhood is boring. We’ll both happily walk 4 miles in the desert and not once slow down or look bored. But a 1.37 mile walk around the neighborhood just makes us both unhappy. We need closer desert, I guess.

Also, on Monday, I used my new cookbook and made Chicken Enchilada Stew!



And it turned out DELICIOUS!!!

You can't taste this but you can tell. You know this is tasty good.

You can’t taste this but you can tell. You know this is tasty good.

Tuesday I gymmed! When I get to the gym I did my warm ups and then had to wait for Tyler to finish up with his other client. The back door of the gym was propped open so I went and stood out there and just enjoyed the quiet and the being outside and the perfect temperature. When he came out to get me I explained that I just needed some quiet before we got to work. He then suggested we just work out there! He brought out dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a weighted basket ball type ball and I did my thing out there. And? It was really awesome. It was quiet and perfect and I just enjoyed it so much.

I did curl & presses with a half squat. Three sets of 20.
I did squats then swung a kettlebell up and back down. Three sets of 20.
I threw the weighted basketball up at the wall from my chest level and caught it for three sets of 20.
Then I backed up and threw that ball from over my head to the wall and caught it for three sets of 20.
Lunges on the stairs while pressing the medicine ball up. Three sets of 20 on each leg.
Then side squats with one leg on a stair and the other on the ground while holding the medicine ball at chest level. Three sets of 20.
Then I did two things inside. Crunches on some machine where I hold the straps that are attached to the weights and then crunch over. Three sets of 15. Then I had to do crunches on the roman chair. The kind where your back isn’t touching the pad, just your butt. And he said “You’ve gotten stronger!”

And you know what?!? I allowed myself to say “I KNOW! I have!” Because I have.

We then discussed that my one year anniversary is March 4th and just how far I’ve come since then. And now he’s going to put together some scary tough anniversary work out for Tuesday AND Thursday of that week. I can do it.

Today I ordered a new cheese shredder since I killed my cheapy one. This time I bought a good one. And I bought a ladle. For using with my crock pot. My kitchen is getting so mature.

Then I also went and bought new gym shoes!

This gave me some angst because I do not want bright, neon gym shoes and that’s the norm these days. So I looked around at the online stores that have them and they were all the same price no matter which shop it was. But at Road Runner Sports I’m a VIP member and I had a coupon. So, they won. But they don’t offer all of the colors that the Brooks Ghost 7 come in.

I had really wanted this one:

I love purple!

I love purple!

But Roadrunner Sports only has these colors listed on their site:

pink brooks minty gum brooks blue brooks

I had finally decided I’d go with the blue! They’re not so bright and they’re different than what I have now. And, according to my friends, they’d make me faster and stronger and super desirable.

These guys will now be my walking the dog shoes!

These guys will now be my walking the dog shoes!

But, of course, when I got to the store they only had the pink or the minty gum colored ones. I totally hate the pink. Hate them a lot. So, I went with the minty gum ones. They’re, what I imagine when I look at all of the options, newer version of what I already had!

There's some purple there! Yay purple!

There’s some purple there! Yay purple!

I introduced the old to the new and we all had a good talk and everyone is fine and dandy with this whole thing. And? I got new gym shoes and saved $25 in the process. So, that’s all a good day right there.

Brooks Ghost 6, meet Brooks Ghost 7.

Brooks Ghost 6, meet Brooks Ghost 7.

And then I came home and ate all of the things because that seems to be what I do now. Is be hungry and eat.

I, also, am trying to determine whether or not I’m going to lose this nail:

My gross toe.

My gross toe.

The nail has looked bruised and there seemed to be a callus formed under it, too. Well, I was finally able to peel away some of the callus and then it looks like the bruise is drying up but the nail is also, kinda, loose? I dunno. I’m hoping I can be gentle with it and the nail will grow out and I can just keep cutting and peeling and not really ever lose it. That’s my hope. That’s my toe. Now you know.

Now I shall go reflect on how to be faster, stronger, and more desirable in my new, but not blue, shoes.

Spring Ahead

My schedule should now be back to normal! That makes me happy. I like my routine. Yes, the break from it here and there is lovely but I’m looking forward to just being on track for a bit.

But first I have a week to recap! Let’s get right to it.

TRX rows
Foam roller
Stationary lunges
Shoulder up & overs
SB hamstring curls
SB knee tucks

Seriously. The WiFi at the gym is fucking with my records. There was nothing saved in regards to sets but it’s fine. There was no weight involved, other than the shoulder up and overs and I’m pretty sure that was with the 12lb bar.

So, first I had to do the TRX rows. Three sets. I think each set was different. But don’t hold me to that. And since I fully admitted to not foam rolling due to illness he made me roll between each set of rows. He told me to roll my hips, quads, hams, calves, and butt. I said “But my butt is fine!” and he said “Roll the butt.” And I was rolling my butt and was feeling nothing and said “See?! There’s nothing in my butt!” and he looked at me and I was all “You know what I mean!” But then he showed me a different way to roll my butt and ouch, yeah, there’s knots in my butt.

Then I had to do stationary lunges. First set was just lunges. Then I had to do two sets of forward and backward lunges. The thighs. They burned.

In between the lunges I did the shoulder up and overs. But he said I had to do the Gandolf with the bar and then I pretended to do the whole YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! thing and he was all “Yes! Now, twenty times with each arm.” I’m lucky he’s my trainer.

Then the real fun started. He pulls out the Swiss ball and tells me to do the hamstring curls. These I’ve done before. So I start and he’s all “Wait. As you pull your legs in, lift your pelvis up.” and I was all “I thought I was!” and he said I wasn’t and then I did and he said “yes, just like that” and then I started to giggle and said “Oh, shut up Andrea!” and he laughed and walked away.

But then he made me do the knee tucks on this thing. I’d not done this before so for the first set he shows me what do do and he’s understanding of my giggles and rolling off of it. He reminds me to do small corrections when balancing to prevent the rolling and reminds me to keep my core engaged. There is just so much you gotta do and keep in mind. It’s exhausting!

While I’m doing my next set of hamstring curls a hot dude shows up and gets really close to my space and asks if he’s too close to my space and we both tell him no but then I do a comedy routine about him distracting me. That’s how you get a hot dude’s attention at the gym. Self deprecation and sarcasm.

The second set of knee tucks was ugly but I KILLED IT! on my last set. I looked down towards the ball instead of straight at the ground and that seemed to help me with my balance. Boom!

Since I’d been sick and I was a trooper during this set he let me go after 50 minutes. I allowed it.

Wednesday and Thursday I was so sore! I haven’t been sore like that in a bit. But off I went to my Thursday session anyway!

BM incline chest press 40×10 40×10 40×10
HS lat pull down rev grip, 50×20 70×12 70×12
TRX T rows 10 10 10
TRX bicep curls 10 10 10
Roman chair leg raises 10 10 10
Roman chair knee raises 10 10 10

That BM incline chest press continues to be my nemesis. He had to help me on every single one. I hate that.

The only other thing about Thursday I want to discuss is this TRX T row thing he made me do. Holy effing shit. This scared me. I hated it a lot. It’s like doing a trust fall but you have to trust yourself. Thursday I learned I trust myself about as much as I trust all you other people. Which is not really a whole lot! But I did them. It took a lot of nervous giggle time, sweaty palm wiping, and him saying “See? You did it!” while giving me high fives. Not a fan. But that’s ok.

That was Thursday.

Then it was the weekend and I was back to my hiking each day! Yay!

Saturday we went out to Lake Pleasant and did an absolutely gorgeous hike.

It's a lake! And it was, in fact, very pleasant!

It’s a lake! And it was, in fact, very pleasant!

With it being my first hike in three weeks I was glad it was an easy hike. It was about 5.5 miles with little elevation gain. But it was good for getting back out there.

Then this morning this little lady barricaded the door until I admitted to her that she was, in fact, going on the hike with me.

Seriously. I'm Gandalf, bitch. You? Ain't passing.

Seriously. I’m Gandalf, bitch. You? Ain’t passing.

Today was an easy 4 mile hike with a few nice hills to walk up so I loaded all of my camping gear into my big backpack to get used to that. After putting that and my full 3 liters of water I had about 15.2 lbs on my back. It was really not too noticeable until I went to walk up hills. Then I could tell I had an extra 15 pounds on my person.

Don't everybody ask for my number all at once.

Don’t everybody ask for my number all at once.

A very nice man asked if I’d like for him to take our photo and I said YES! and then Gladys wouldn’t look so I was making my kissy noises to get her to look and that is when he took the photo and that is why I look like the coolest. Other than, yeah, I’m just, you know, the coolest.

Gladys did great and I was happy getting another hike in and doing it with my big bag and there were a few times that I had to ask people to excuse me so I could walk around them since I kicked it into high gear. Yay, me!

After this I went to Costco and bought stuff I needed. Which also meant I grabbed a cookbook!

It matches the kitchen counters!

It matches the kitchen counters!

I’ve already picked out a really delicious sounding recipe for pork chops to try out first. I’m gonna branch out and cook good foods. I even bought two sweet potatoes. Now I just, you know, need to cook them. Once I figure out how. Yeah.

And Gladys spent a good part of the day being a tired hiker.

She really is the cutest.

She really is the cutest.

Everything is going pretty well, is what I’m saying. I like that.

butterfly belly

The other day I was waiting for Tyler to be ready to start our session and I heard two of the trainers talking about their weight. One was all “Yeah, I’m up to 217 and bro friend is mad since I’m heavier than him but mine’s fat. What are you up to now?” The other answered “205!” and the first was all “Nooice!” And I was all “The fuck is happening here?” It was not anything you’d hear between two lady friends. I was amused.

Then we got to work. And we did A LOT!

Vertical chest press 80×10 80×10 80×10
BM incline chest press 40×10 40×10 30×10
BM seated row 60×10 80×10 80×10
SB DB shoulder press 10×10 10×10 10×10
SB DB Bicep curls 10×10 10×10 10×10
SB DB crunch 10×10 10×10 10×10
Rope jumping jacks 15 15 15
Rope single arm slams 10 10 10
Single arm med ball slams 2 4×16 10×20
Bosu ball crunch 2 15 15
Bosu ball alt knee to elbow 2 20 20
Bosu ball alt hand to foot 2 20 20

That vertical chest press? I am only giving myself credit for 70lbs because he helped. Not a lot but he was involved.

The BM incline chest press KICKED MY ASS. I have no idea why. It made me feel weak and ineffectual.

I hate the rope jumping jacks. It’s awkward. I feel awkward and he wouldn’t tell me if I look as awkward as I feel so that totally means I do.

Then a lady trainer was all “Oh, I like your Brooks! Are those this season’s Ghosts?” and I was all “No! This is last year’s and I love them” and she was all “Oh, me, too!” and I finally got to actually discuss the latest fashion trends in a manner that made sense to me. About gym shoes. I can’t even begin to tell you how amusing all of this paragraph is to me.

While I was doing the single arm rope slams I was killing it with the right arm. We had to train the left arm to go straight up and down in a slamming motion instead of a circular pulling the rope to me motion. My left side is weird, y’all.

After that he wanted me to do single arm medicine ball slams. I tried to explain that my hand is not large enough to palm a ball and that was why I wasn’t a Harlem Globetrotter and he was all “That’s the ONLY reason?” and I was all “Yeah. The only one.” But then I finally got the motion down with the 4 pound ball and then he made me do them for real with the 10 pound and I slammed and slammed and slammed.

We finished the evening with him killing my abs. Two ab circuits in a week. Under my belly flab are some nice abs, I just know it!

Once we were done with that I rushed to my car and got into traffic and went to dinner with my hiking group to discuss the plan for tomorrow. The big event!! It’s tomorrow!! Woooo! We’re meeting at 6:30am so I should go to bed soon. But only after I catch up with Oliver Queen.

I walked Gladys this evening and I’ll foam roll and then that’ll be that.

Tomorrow is so serious that I even bought Gatorade! My first one ever!

Fruit punch won't be gross, yeah?

Fruit punch won’t be gross, yeah?

I’ve had some Gatorade, sure. And it was yuck. But I’ve never willingly bought it. Or needed to buy it. Until now! I’m a person that has to rehydrate, y’all!

Tomorrow is a big deal for me. I think it’s because this is a mountain that I can actually point to and say “You see that? I walked from one end to the other.” All of my other hikes have been in places that are tucked away so they don’t feel as tangible or something? But this I see as I drive around. You can see it as you land at Sky Harbor. And? It’s something that just a year ago I would never have even have been able to fathom me doing. And now I can. I am so proud of myself. I wish that was enough, though. I find myself wanting to hear from all of the people that they’re proud of me, too. I guess I’m likely to never ever stop looking for approval and acceptance. That may just be who I am.

Who I am is ok, though.