Hi. I’m Andrea. I won’t tell you too much about me here because that’ll all likely come out as I write my posts and it will likely contradict anything that I would write here as an All About Me! anyway. Because I’m a human and we are all very much full of contradictions.

So what I will do, instead, is tell you what this blog will be about. That seems better. Even though what it starts out as may not be where it ends up. But that’s ok. Because it’s being written by a human and sometimes we veer off course.

My life had veered somewhat off course over the past few years.

So this blog will be about how this somewhat super lazy girl that really likes her couch, her Neflix instant account, and her alone time suddenly found inspiration AND motivation to set a goal!

I’m going to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim!

This goal has excited me and motivated me in ways that I’ve not experienced in a really, really long time.

I know that to some people this goal will be very much “Yeah, ok…and?” But those people are not me. Those people are not in love with their couch. Or totally out of shape. Or afraid of falling down to the point of exhaustion.

So this blog will chronicle how I went from my couch to the REI store then to hiking trails and then to the gym with a personal trainer and then eventually to a rim to rim hike.

I hope it’ll be a good story. And I kinda hope that other people may read it and think “Huh…I could go do things, too!” Things they may be afraid to do. Things they think they can’t do. All sorts of things. Because doing things is pretty great.

So there you go. That’s the About page.


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