More Shorties

The official weigh in numbers still have me in first place with a total of 2.9 pounds lost since February 1st.

It sort of sucks that my work schedule gets me here an hour before everyone else. They come in without having breakfast or coffee to get weighed and my weigh in is after food and coffee. When I first arrived, I was 3.3 pounds down! That coffee weighed me down! But, whatever. Again, the end result is the one that matters and I’ll just not eat or drink that day until everyone gets weighed.

In case you are wondering what changes I’ve made, I’ve basically just cut out most carbs in the form of bread and pasta but not completely, cut way back on my sugar intake, and am cooking real food instead of from boxes.

My food this week has been:
Breakfast: 4 bacon fat deviled eggs with Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Which, essentially, is two eggs.
One cup of coffee at the office. Seattle’s Best Hazelnut with Natural Bliss Vanilla creamer
10am-ish snack: Grapes with one original flavor BabyBel cheese
Lunch: Blue Apron meal. Up to today it has been half a chicken breast, some creamy orzo with Brussels sprouts. Today and tomorrow it will be a steak medallion with roasted potatoes and red onions. I also have some sauteed zucchini and sweet peppers on hand if I need a bit more.
Afternoon snack: I have a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate eggs on my desk. A serving is 6 eggs. However, I just let one melt in my mouth each hour after lunch just so I’m not cold turkeying the sugar. But that means I’m not eating a full serving of them, either. I likely have 4 a day.
Dinner: This is where things fall apart but apparently not in a detrimental manner. I’ve not really had a real dinner except for last night, when I had that steak medallion meal. And, I guess, Tuesday night as I cooked it I likely ate a full meal and didn’t realize it. Monday night I don’t even remember what I had!

I’m doing my hallway walks at lunch and my evening walks in the ‘hood, even if my friend doesn’t go. Not to mention I’ve been so busy at work and walking back and forth from office to office that I’ve been getting lots of steps in each day!

My frame of mind, however, is crap. I want to feel chipper but I’m grouchy as fuck. I should check my period app to see if PMS is to blame. But people keep pissing me off. Not to mention that I have used two new products on my previously super soft and smooth face and now it feels rough and dry and I don’t know which one caused it so now I’m just not using much of anything and I look terrible while I let my face calm down. And I think old age has hit my hair because I just looks like shit. I look dumpy and old, y’all. And I’m grumpy to boot so my killer smile ain’t around to even that shit out! But this, too, shall pass.

But for now? I’m number one!


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