It’s so amazing and fascinating to me to be on the other side of strife and realize how it just didn’t really last that long while, also, remembering that while I was going through it I felt like it was forever and what the rest of my life would probably be.

Eight weeks ago yesterday I had my surgery. At this point in time my incisions are mostly healed, I have no muscle pains, I’m sleeping in whatever position I want, I’m walking at my normal pace, I’m able to drink almost my normal amount of water each day, I can swallow normally, and everything is mostly just back to how it was at the beginning of last year.

I remember sleeping on the couch and wondering how long that would be for. I remember finally being back in my bed but not being able to sleep on my sides. I remember finally being able to sleep on my right side but not my left. I remember all of the random aches and pains and me wondering if they’d ever go away. I remember thinking my life would never be back to normal.

And here we are, eight short weeks later. Life is funny that way. Or else I’m just dramatic. One of those.

Today was the weigh in for the office weight loss challenge. I have two months to lose 10 pounds. I’m currently still 7 lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of 2017 so that’s good! I know I won’t make much progress this weekend with my Dad being here and not having easy access during the day to good choices but I’m going to do my best and then on Monday IT IS ON!

I’m also doing a daily push ups challenge each day in February to see how much I improve by doing them each day. I’m gonna take a before and after pic, too, to see if there’s any sort of physical change. I’m gonna be a beast.

I have met my 10k steps goal each day this week so far! Woo!

In other words, I need to stop waiting for my life to be back to normal because I get to say what is normal and, apparently, it’s already that.

Yay, normal!


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