I’m going to participate in another weight loss challenge at work! This is the kick in the ass I need to get my shit straight. It’s just three of us and the goal will be to lose 10 pounds and we’ll have 2 months to do so. I feel good about this! Yay!

Have I mentioned I have tinnitus? Because I do. I have no idea when it started or when I noticed it, I just know it’s here. And sometimes it’s so bad that it nauseates me. Luckily that’s not very often. But the main thing is that I no longer ever have total silence. Ever ever ever. I used to love to just sit in a silent house, with my dogs at my side, a nice warm cup of tea, and just be. I don’t get to do that any more because now there is constant noise in my ears. Forever. Since, generally, tinnitus doesn’t go away. sarcastic Yay!

I already filed my taxes and thanks to fully funding my HSA last year with post-tax dollars and all of the medical bills I get nice refunds from state and federal and yay for that!

I bought a new phone. A Google Pixel 2 and I absolutely love it thus far even though I’ve not got it all set up quite the way I like it all to be. And I did something really dumb and lost my podcasts and now I can’t remember what I was following and if I can’t remember I must not have really cared about them so I need to let that go, right? Right. The good thing is that buying it directly from Google you get 2 years to pay for it, interest free! I am the BOSS! of interest free payments, y’all. It’s like layaway, except I get the merchandise NOW. I dig it.

So, now I have to pay off my interest free balances and then, fingers firmly crossed, start building up a savings. I have the great credit. I have the mostly debt free balances. I have no savings. This is my goal for the year. Get some savings. Rinse repeat for next year.

I hiked yesterday with my dogs and that was swell.

This week is super busy and I’m already tired and that does not bode well. I have a late basketball game on Wednesday and then my Dad arrives for our annual PGA event fun time and that wears me out more each year. Funny how that works. That age bullshit. But it’s all fun and it’s one week a year and I’ll rest next week!

A woman I hike with is constantly telling me how fortunate I am. She envies the relationship I have with my boyfriend so she usually is referring to that when she says it. But when I step back and look at my life as a whole? I am very fortunate. I just like being able to acknowledge that and, therefore, appreciate it.

I appreciate you, my life. You’re pretty nice.


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