I met with the surgeon yesterday and I am getting this gallbladder of mine removed next Wednesday! Eeep. And, also, yay!

As I was giving him the history and answering his questions one phrase kept coming up: “I just dealt with it.” Because that’s just kind of what I do until I either cannot deal with it any longer or it becomes super clear that I shouldn’t.

“So you were eating tacos, felt like you were having a heart attack and you just…..kept eating the tacos?”

Me, smiling, “YOLO!” to which his assistant giggled.

I gave him my medical/surgical history and, apparently, even though I have never considered my fibroid removal to be a real surgery it was. So, I’ve been through surgery before and that should help calm me down. Except it’s not. But, again, he asked “what symptoms did you have with the fibroid” and I was all “oh, you know, super heavy bleeding for up to 11 days until I was anemic. But I just dealt with that for a while…”

So when he tells me “I like to tell people that recovery takes one to two weeks but I’ve known some to be back up in one to two days…” and I was all “Oh, I’m shooting for the one to two days thing!” he smiled and said “Of course you are.”

So, I like my surgeon. He put me at ease, he talked to me, he gave me ample time to ask questions and he answered them thoughtfully, and he offered to give me something to calm me down the day of if I really felt that was necessary but I declined. Knowing that is an option is sometimes enough and, if I’m too amped up the day of, I can take a Xanax (with his permission, of course) or I can ask for something once I’m all checked in.

I’m a little nervous about recovery and being on my own and all of that but I’ll just stock up on the proper foods and make sure I have books and Netflix/Amazon/Hulu binges at the ready and plenty of space for naps. I wish I could prepare my little dogs so I don’t have to worry about their needs but that’s not a thing. Dogs don’t get it. And I’m sure my boyfriend will be helpful so I should likely just stop fretting.

The other good news is that I was finally able to eat my delish birthday Mexican lunch from Saturday. The whole thing. Without even a hint of an issue. Because my gallbladder is random as fuck.

Soon I shall be able to talk about hikes and walks and going to the gym and eating healthy and all of the things! So soon!


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