IRL Stress Test

Monday I ate rosemary braised pork and was fine. Yesterday I ate a few bites of meatloaf and thought I was going to die and/or puke.

I called and put myself on a wait list to get in for the surgeon consultation sooner if they have any cancellations as I am now realizing that this randomly feeling like I may die if I try to eat something other than bland food is a nightmare. Yes, I’m stubborn and should just fucking stick to the bland food like I said I was going to do. So, fine….after today I’ll do that. Shit. Being reasonable, man. Fuck.

But last night I had the weirdest dreams about my surgery and then waking up in recovery at a Radiohead concert with a co-worker and a person that was not his wife and it was all very weird and I’m obviously stressed out about surgery. And the bills. And the recovery. And the random bouts of gallbladder attackeryness. Stress dreams.

I’ve turned into a boring person that can only talk about her gallbladder. For shame.


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