So, in the last post I said I felt mostly fine and insisted that even though it sounded like I likely didn’t feel mostly fine I really did. Well, that was mostly true but also mostly not true. I haven’t felt 100% since the ER visit in June but why sit around and whine about it?

So, I had my stress test and the unofficial results are that my heart is good. It works the way it should. And I’m nice so all around good heart.

This Wednesday I had that HIDA scan. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. And the lady that put in the IV portal for the injections was so good that I didn’t even feel her do it and I’d like to take her to all of my appointments that require an IV and have her do it! She gets a gold star in starting an IV.

So, the first hour of the HIDA scan is just taking random photos every 5 to 10 minutes after they inject you with the nuclear tracer to see how things pass through your gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. I don’t know if that’s the proper order but that’s the organs they watch. You have to lay still on your back but you can use your phone so I IMed with my boyfriend a few times, took photos for Instagram (seriously…I’m the worst), and listened to podcasts. It wasn’t as uncomfortable laying like that as I thought it would be. In fact, it was just fine.

Then I had to lay on my side for 3 minutes to get that view, no issues.

Then back on my back for the last 30 minutes of the test where they then inject you three times full of some hormone that makes your gallbladder empty. As soon as that hit my system all of my horrible symptoms hit me all at once in fast forward. I felt nauseated. I was dizzy. Then my chest hurt. Then down into my middle abdomen. Then lower abdomen. Then I was fine. I went through that three times. As I’m experiencing this she’s taking notes and says “this is good information!”

Then the test it over. I feel fine. She says to drink lots of fluids to flush out the radioactive material and that I can eat without restrictions.


What she wasn’t realizing was that she just really irritated and pissed off my gallbladder and even plain old water was going to make me feel like I was going to die. I also did not realize this so I went straight to work instead of my home, just 6 minutes away, and started drinking water. Which immediately made me feel like I was going to die and then I decided to try to drive myself home but my very kind coworkers were all “You stubborn asshole. Ask for help and stop being so dumb.” and drove me home.

I called my GI doc and was all “Get the results of this test ASAP so we can fix this as I’m going to die!!!!”

I puked. I felt terrible. I took a nap. I woke up and ate a little bit. That was fine. I started drinking water. That was fine. I felt sore, like I’d been throwing up all day, but mostly fine. Well, my new fine. My boyfriend drove me to get my car.

Also in that time frame my GI doc called to say “The test showed your gallbladder is fine, however it’s a liar so call this surgeon to have that lying bastard yanked out.” So I did! I’m meeting with a surgeon in August and we’ll schedule the removal of this dumb gallbladder of mine.

It seems that in about 21% of women that have HIDA scan results that show a fine gallbladder despite having the symptoms during the test and that is called biliary dyskinesia and I shouldn’t worry about us taking out a seemingly healthy organ because it is not healthy. It’s a dirty liar, though.

So…yay! I now know what the fuck and I am oh so pleased. In the meantime I shall continue to eat bland food diet, which isn’t so bad since it’s all comfort food. I’m trying to be reasonable and so far my weight is holding steady and I should be able to increase my activity next week without all of the doctor’s appointments holding me back. I have about two and a half weeks to be active during the day! Yay! But that also means I have about three plus weeks left of not feeling super great. Then a surgery to recover from. But it’s fine.

I’m fine!


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