Catch All

I debated just doing a review of the “Purple Rain Deluxe: Extended” cd/dvd set that was released today but, instead, I’m gonna jot down all of my notes and info about my bullshit GI issues so I have them in one spot to refer back to. And, in case any doctors or medical folks see this they can say “Oh, that’s XYZ condition and you should ask for abc to be done!” Because I’m not enjoying being a medical mystery at the moment.

Sometime during the week of May 11th I had my issue with the tacos. I was eating tacos and I suddenly felt like I was having a heart attack. I don’t recall it lingering and I’m pretty sure I continued to eat as normal in the days after. Since I don’t remember what day this was I don’t know if I was on my period when it occurred or if it was right before. But period was involved.

June 3rd I ate pizza and felt like I was having a heart attack and a gas attack and I couldn’t get comfortable or puke or poo or fart or burp or anything and I finally fell asleep and then woke up and felt fine. My period started the next day.

June 17th I ate potstickers and all of the above happened but it seemed worse and it was so soon after the last time that I contacted my Aunt and she told me to go to the ER so I did. That was the last day of ovulation.

After that incident I felt like shit for about a week but was able to eat and I pushed the limits like a maniac.

June 24th I felt the worst I have felt and I finally threw up and then felt immediately better. But then I continued to be a maniac and feeling like shit continued.

I went to a cardiologist and he is absolutely convinced this is not cardiac but I’m going for a stress test this Friday. It’s just money afterall.

I’ve been eating a mostly bland food diet because I felt terrible and I cried a lot and felt frustrated and people treated me like I was being a maniac. Because I was. So, bland food. But then my period ended and I felt oddly good. So I tested the waters and ate Mexican one day for lunch but kept it bland the rest of the day. I ate BBQ the next day for lunch, bland the rest of the day. Rinse, repeat.

I mostly feel fine. Eating pizza last night made me feel like I could start to feel bad so I stopped eating it and then that subsided. I am, however, more gassy than usual. I burp a lot. Fart when home alone. My stomach gurgles and makes sounds. And I feel hungry sooner than usual but that could just be because my bland food meals are also sort of small. I may not be eating enough. I also feel dizzy/vertigoish at times. Which seems to all contradict that “I mostly feel fine.” statement except compared to just a week or so ago, I do.

So, now I’m wondering if my GI tract and my hormones are in cahoots to just make me feel horrible all of the times. I guess we’ll fine out. I have to have a super fun sounding HIDA scan next week. Once I have those results I’ll talk to my doc and we’ll go from there. If we rule out all of the GI issues it could be and take all of my money to do so I’ll then go see my gyno to see if she can take more of my money and time and find out what the fuck.

That’s all I want to know these days. What the fuck.


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