They Come In Threes

Last Tuesday I woke up with a stomach bug. I didn’t immediately identify it as a stomach bug thanks to my gallbladder issues but it was, in fact, a stomach bug. It lasted until sometime on Friday.

I was rear ended last Wednesday. I was on my way to work for a few hours in the afternoon when whammo. All up in my car’s rear end. I get to start the repairs and get my rental today.

My dog puked up pink frothy vomit and that could be congestive heart failure or lung infection or nothing that bad so we’ll see. She is NOT allowed to be sick right now. I cannot handle it. She’s my little mini me in doggy format and maybe she’s just having sympathy gallbladder failure.

This morning I woke up fine but then I drank water and immediately could feel my gallbladder and I’m fucking OVER IT.

My birthday was over the weekend and my boyfriend did such a lovely job of making the day feel so special. We didn’t even do anything major but he just has this way, y’all. I felt so happy and loved. Even when I ate two tortilla chips and almost died, puked on the side of road, and at his house and then didn’t get to eat anything but the cake he made me.

That’s right. All I can eat is Oreo cheesecake and cream o’ wheat with brown sugar. My gallbladder is going to give me diabetes. It’s like I’m in some weird real life episode of the Twilight Zone.  All she ever wanted was to eat cake…well…be careful what you wish for….ALL YOU CAN EVER EAT AGAIN IS CAKE!!! It’s not as fun as you would think it is.

I’m still low key dehydrated from the stomach bug but I just can’t drink a lot of water at once like I need to as it hurts my gallbladder and I’m down 4 pounds, which was 5 at one point, and this is not the best way to lose weight but….fine. I’m now only 11 pounds from my goal. *shrug*

Frustration is the tone here. Major fucking frustration.


Do You Really Know What Love Is?

I feel as good today as I felt bad last week. I honestly am to the point that I believe my gallbladder isn’t reacting to what I eat and just acts up when it wants to and likes it better when I eat food that is not super good for me. I don’t drink soda any more but I think my gallbladder is sad about this and wants me to drink Coke because when I drink Coke I can burp with ease and relieve pressure and then things are good. That and my period is on the way out and they do, absolutely, correspond with one another but that doesn’t mean that I can keep the gallbladder. Oh, no. It still has to go. Which is, like, fine and all of that. But I’m worried and nervous about surgery because that’s who I am and, like, get over it, folks that don’t worry and get nervous about shit. For fuck’s sake. We’re all individuals.

But I sense that some people are growing frustrated with me and my gallbladder woes because they have either had them, but in the form of stones, or they just don’t understand what I’m dealing with and when I shoot down suggestions as to how to feel better either because I’ve tried it and it didn’t work or I have tried it and it worked some of the time and then not other times and that’s why I think it’s not actually reacting to food and more to it just being a bum gallbladder that’s not functioning properly.

So my diet is crap and my gallbladder will continue to react at random and that’s my life until this shit is resolved.

So, now let’s just move on and do my super late review of the Purple Rain Deluxe Extended CD set!! That’s way more fun.

I will not review Disc 1 because all that is is a remastered copy of the original “Purple Rain” soundtrack and since I don’t have the ears of an audiophile or fancy equipment, I ain’t hearing the difference. I’ve seen complaints. I have none.

I’m not doing an extensive review of Disc 3, either. So, I should have just said “This is my review of Disc 2.” But no!

So. Disc 2 is the disc that has all of the previously unreleased songs, even though some people have had them and heard them or some version of them. Because that’s the thing with Prince. He has various versions of songs floating around if you know where to look but I never knew where to look or that it was even happening and so most of this is completely new to me.

Song one is “Dance Electric” and I’d heard Andre Cymone’s version and new Prince wrote it but I’d never heard Prince’s version and now I will never listen to Andre Cymone’s and so sorry, Andre…Prince wins. Always. It’s long and gets tedious after a bit but I can imagine it would have absolutely been a party to hear this live. But when he dips down into his lower register during this song my panties fall off so….yeah.

Song two is “Love and Sex” and I don’t really love this so much. It’s ok, it’s still a Prince song, but I don’t love it and I usually skip it.

Song three is the extended version of “Computer Blue” and I have this one already but it’s in a five hour mix of Minneapolis music in one sound file and it was never easy to just get to it so it’s absolutely amazing to have this version to easily accessible and it is a fucking JAM, y’all. If you’ve only been luke warm to “Computer Blue” you should give this one a try. The water is warm enough, Lisa…hell yes. It’s about 9ish minutes long and it’s got a preview as to the types of thing he’d go on to do on the “Batman” soundtrack years later. I LOVE THIS SONG. “Poor, lonely computer.”

Song four is “Electric Intercourse” and it’s one of the songs that I see the most complaining about. Apparently there is a live version floating around that people LOVE so when they finally got this studio version they were disappointed and sad and all of the things. I’d never heard it before, honestly, so I’m not approaching it from that vantage point. But I am approaching it from a place of “this is not a great song.” Allegedly this song was originally going to be on the Soundtrack but was bumped by “The Beautiful Ones” and I cannot argue with that decision based on this version in this set. “The Beautiful Ones” is superior and dramatic and just better. Maybe I’d change my mind if I heard the live version but I haven’t and I’m not.

Song five is “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden” and this is my most favorite song here. It is one of those songs that makes me sad that he’s gone and gone forever. I cry almost every time I hear it. The first part is sung by Lisa and it’s just a sweet little song. But then “Roadhouse Garden” kicks in and it’s gospel Prince and his voice is just perfect and I die. It’s perfect and I hope they find more stuff like this to release in the future to get me in my feels in all the right ways.

Song six is “Possessed” and it was heard in instrumental version in the movie. I’d never heard it, despite it being widely available. Yes, I was a fan. No, I wasn’t in the know. It’s fine. It’s a good song and you can dance to it. There’s my American Bandstand review of that.

(I might be bored of doing this review…)

Song seven is “Wonderful Ass” and it’s fucking DELIGHTFUL! It’s the most delightful ode to a beautiful booty that I have ever heard.

Song eight is “Velvet Kitty Cat” and it’s cute and everything but…it seems so far out of place here even though it was recorded in the Purple Rain years so chronologically it fits. Tonally….not so much. But it’s cute.

Song nine is “Katrina’s Paper Dolls” and it’s the same story as VKC. Good song, seems out of place. And even though the history shows this was recorded during the PR years it seems like it fits more in line with what he wound up putting on “Sign o’ the Times.”

Now we’re to song ten, “We Can Fuck” and OH YES WE CAN!! We can also get down and dance because this song is great. It’s sexy and funky and just pure Prince and I love it.

The last song on Disc 2 is “Father’s Song” which is the extended version of the piano instrumental from Purple Rain and it’s pretty great to finally have this to listen to any time I want to. It starts out as a lovely piano instrumental and somehow morphs into something that sounds like a space odyssey and I love it. It’s a great way to end this disc.

The third disc is a collection of B sides and extended mixes that is good for people that want complete sets of things. I’d heard most of them throughout the years, since they weren’t necessarily rare. But it’s missing the extended version of “17 Days” which is what I really want and they better come out with that one sometime. Because that one just might be my most favorite Prince song if I have to ever be nailed down to name just one.

So, to wrap this up…I’m not complaining about this set at all. Prince is dead and things were not left in writing as to what he wanted done so it’s up to others to decide. And, frankly, I suspect he did that shit on purpose. I think the man was in such control of his LIFE that he was all “who cares what happens after I die” and that’s hard for some people to grasp and I could be wrong. I didn’t know him. And he did control his life in every way. So for a lot of folks it’s hard to comprehend that he’d not put that same control into his image and music for once he was gone. But he didn’t. So, I’m not complaining. I’m going to be appreciative of what is done and released and anything I get to hear from him that will be new to me since there will not be anything truly new from him ever again. He’s gone. But he left a lifetime plus of music in his vault and all I can ask is that they treat it and release it with care and not willy nilly for quick dollars.

Prince makes me happy. I’m happy to share that with others.




IRL Stress Test

Monday I ate rosemary braised pork and was fine. Yesterday I ate a few bites of meatloaf and thought I was going to die and/or puke.

I called and put myself on a wait list to get in for the surgeon consultation sooner if they have any cancellations as I am now realizing that this randomly feeling like I may die if I try to eat something other than bland food is a nightmare. Yes, I’m stubborn and should just fucking stick to the bland food like I said I was going to do. So, fine….after today I’ll do that. Shit. Being reasonable, man. Fuck.

But last night I had the weirdest dreams about my surgery and then waking up in recovery at a Radiohead concert with a co-worker and a person that was not his wife and it was all very weird and I’m obviously stressed out about surgery. And the bills. And the recovery. And the random bouts of gallbladder attackeryness. Stress dreams.

I’ve turned into a boring person that can only talk about her gallbladder. For shame.


So, in the last post I said I felt mostly fine and insisted that even though it sounded like I likely didn’t feel mostly fine I really did. Well, that was mostly true but also mostly not true. I haven’t felt 100% since the ER visit in June but why sit around and whine about it?

So, I had my stress test and the unofficial results are that my heart is good. It works the way it should. And I’m nice so all around good heart.

This Wednesday I had that HIDA scan. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. And the lady that put in the IV portal for the injections was so good that I didn’t even feel her do it and I’d like to take her to all of my appointments that require an IV and have her do it! She gets a gold star in starting an IV.

So, the first hour of the HIDA scan is just taking random photos every 5 to 10 minutes after they inject you with the nuclear tracer to see how things pass through your gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. I don’t know if that’s the proper order but that’s the organs they watch. You have to lay still on your back but you can use your phone so I IMed with my boyfriend a few times, took photos for Instagram (seriously…I’m the worst), and listened to podcasts. It wasn’t as uncomfortable laying like that as I thought it would be. In fact, it was just fine.

Then I had to lay on my side for 3 minutes to get that view, no issues.

Then back on my back for the last 30 minutes of the test where they then inject you three times full of some hormone that makes your gallbladder empty. As soon as that hit my system all of my horrible symptoms hit me all at once in fast forward. I felt nauseated. I was dizzy. Then my chest hurt. Then down into my middle abdomen. Then lower abdomen. Then I was fine. I went through that three times. As I’m experiencing this she’s taking notes and says “this is good information!”

Then the test it over. I feel fine. She says to drink lots of fluids to flush out the radioactive material and that I can eat without restrictions.


What she wasn’t realizing was that she just really irritated and pissed off my gallbladder and even plain old water was going to make me feel like I was going to die. I also did not realize this so I went straight to work instead of my home, just 6 minutes away, and started drinking water. Which immediately made me feel like I was going to die and then I decided to try to drive myself home but my very kind coworkers were all “You stubborn asshole. Ask for help and stop being so dumb.” and drove me home.

I called my GI doc and was all “Get the results of this test ASAP so we can fix this as I’m going to die!!!!”

I puked. I felt terrible. I took a nap. I woke up and ate a little bit. That was fine. I started drinking water. That was fine. I felt sore, like I’d been throwing up all day, but mostly fine. Well, my new fine. My boyfriend drove me to get my car.

Also in that time frame my GI doc called to say “The test showed your gallbladder is fine, however it’s a liar so call this surgeon to have that lying bastard yanked out.” So I did! I’m meeting with a surgeon in August and we’ll schedule the removal of this dumb gallbladder of mine.

It seems that in about 21% of women that have HIDA scan results that show a fine gallbladder despite having the symptoms during the test and that is called biliary dyskinesia and I shouldn’t worry about us taking out a seemingly healthy organ because it is not healthy. It’s a dirty liar, though.

So…yay! I now know what the fuck and I am oh so pleased. In the meantime I shall continue to eat bland food diet, which isn’t so bad since it’s all comfort food. I’m trying to be reasonable and so far my weight is holding steady and I should be able to increase my activity next week without all of the doctor’s appointments holding me back. I have about two and a half weeks to be active during the day! Yay! But that also means I have about three plus weeks left of not feeling super great. Then a surgery to recover from. But it’s fine.

I’m fine!

Catch All

I debated just doing a review of the “Purple Rain Deluxe: Extended” cd/dvd set that was released today but, instead, I’m gonna jot down all of my notes and info about my bullshit GI issues so I have them in one spot to refer back to. And, in case any doctors or medical folks see this they can say “Oh, that’s XYZ condition and you should ask for abc to be done!” Because I’m not enjoying being a medical mystery at the moment.

Sometime during the week of May 11th I had my issue with the tacos. I was eating tacos and I suddenly felt like I was having a heart attack. I don’t recall it lingering and I’m pretty sure I continued to eat as normal in the days after. Since I don’t remember what day this was I don’t know if I was on my period when it occurred or if it was right before. But period was involved.

June 3rd I ate pizza and felt like I was having a heart attack and a gas attack and I couldn’t get comfortable or puke or poo or fart or burp or anything and I finally fell asleep and then woke up and felt fine. My period started the next day.

June 17th I ate potstickers and all of the above happened but it seemed worse and it was so soon after the last time that I contacted my Aunt and she told me to go to the ER so I did. That was the last day of ovulation.

After that incident I felt like shit for about a week but was able to eat and I pushed the limits like a maniac.

June 24th I felt the worst I have felt and I finally threw up and then felt immediately better. But then I continued to be a maniac and feeling like shit continued.

I went to a cardiologist and he is absolutely convinced this is not cardiac but I’m going for a stress test this Friday. It’s just money afterall.

I’ve been eating a mostly bland food diet because I felt terrible and I cried a lot and felt frustrated and people treated me like I was being a maniac. Because I was. So, bland food. But then my period ended and I felt oddly good. So I tested the waters and ate Mexican one day for lunch but kept it bland the rest of the day. I ate BBQ the next day for lunch, bland the rest of the day. Rinse, repeat.

I mostly feel fine. Eating pizza last night made me feel like I could start to feel bad so I stopped eating it and then that subsided. I am, however, more gassy than usual. I burp a lot. Fart when home alone. My stomach gurgles and makes sounds. And I feel hungry sooner than usual but that could just be because my bland food meals are also sort of small. I may not be eating enough. I also feel dizzy/vertigoish at times. Which seems to all contradict that “I mostly feel fine.” statement except compared to just a week or so ago, I do.

So, now I’m wondering if my GI tract and my hormones are in cahoots to just make me feel horrible all of the times. I guess we’ll fine out. I have to have a super fun sounding HIDA scan next week. Once I have those results I’ll talk to my doc and we’ll go from there. If we rule out all of the GI issues it could be and take all of my money to do so I’ll then go see my gyno to see if she can take more of my money and time and find out what the fuck.

That’s all I want to know these days. What the fuck.