Status Quo

I am finally back to my lowest weight for the year and can now focus on moving forward!

I went to the gym Tuesday and Thursday and walked on the treadmill for my two miles since it’s reached the 100 degree mark here and I don’t want to die. I walk a variety of speeds and inclines to mix it up and yesterday I listened to two episodes of The Mortified Podcast and they were hilarious and made the time go by quickly.

My trainer, former, was there on Tuesday and came over to say hi and I explained that I had no idea what to do in regards to strength training and he said he’d put together some outlines for me. YAY! Tyler is so nice. He was happy to see me back and said “yes, absolutely come in here just for the treadmill and get back on that schedule.” So I did. Go me!

I did my office hallway walk every day this week, with the exception of Wednesday due to work event taking up that time. I feel great. And I feel remotivated. And I’m gonna carry that motivation into next week.

And that’s the boring update on my weight and exercise!


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