Star Wars

So, I hear today is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. As I am a nerd I am one with The Force as are a whole slew of my friends. So I’m seeing a lot of remembrances about the first time they saw it and things of that sort.

I was a few months from 5 40 years ago so I doubt I saw it at the movie theatre. I honestly do not remember the first time I saw it. I don’t have recollection of my first time seeing The Empire Strikes Back, either. But The Return of the Jedi, yes. That was in the theatre for sure. Because I remember the Ewoks and I remember my sister loving them. Basically Star Wars is just one of those things that I feel has always just been there in my life and my brain.

But, also, I think, for me, my memories begin and end when they can be paired up with my sister. Which is odd. But it’s the shared memories and experiences that we can sit and talk about that help with remembering them, I believe.

I remember seeing ET, The Goonies, Fox and the Hound, the Indiana Jones movies, etc. But I don’t remember my first time seeing the first two Star Wars movies. And that is a-ok.

And, no, the last two posts haven’t had a single thing to do with how much weight I’ve lost or gained or how many steps I’ve taken or not taken or what I ate or how I meal prepped or how it felt to go back to the gym. Because I’m more interesting than that.

But, since I went there, I am down a pound and a half and aaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost back down to my lowest of the year and that’s feeling pretty great. I’ll talk more about that in officialness tomorrow.

Happy Star Wars whatever. May The Force be with you.


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