I hear a lot of people talk about getting older or how short life is or things of that sort. They phrase it as jokes, the getting old thing. It’s weird. Why do that?

But recently I have found my mind wandering around the stories of my life. Maybe it’s because this will be my 45th birthday? I have no idea. But what I’ve concluded is that sure, life is short…if you allow it to be.

I’m ONLY going to be 45 this year.

I was 17, almost 18, when I graduated high school.
Since then I was married when I was almost 23 and was married for 12 years.
I went to college. Twice. And earned two different associates degrees.
I worked at my first real job for 14 years. Based on that alone the person that was in charge of going through resumes at my current job wrote “old?” on it.
My marriage ended 10 years ago.
I lived in West Virginia 23 years.
I lived in Virginia 14 years.
I’ve lived in Arizona 8 years.
I’ve been in my new job for 8 years.
In the years since my marriage ended I’ve had 4 relationships of various degrees of seriousness.
In the past 9 years I’ve been to Ireland, Russia, England, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, DC, Yellowstone, several roads trips around Arizona, and likely other places I’m not thinking of.
My sister became a mom, making me an Aunt, 13 years ago.
I’ve had my friends visit me at least 5 years for ComiCon.
I became a hiker 3 years ago.
I hiked the Grand Canyon 2 years ago.
I met my current guy 2 years ago.

And I’m ONLY 45. That is a whole lot of living in that time. And I have a whole lot more living to do from this point forward.

Life is short, sure. But you can also make it so full that it feels like so many different lifetimes. You can live and focus on being alive and happy and in the moment, even the small moments. My one life has had so many different lifetimes in it and I am amazed and grateful for all of it.

Life is for the living, you guys. Get out there and live it.


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