Things I Learn About Myself

Last week I had a strong hankerin’ for tacos so I went to the store and I purchased the ingredients for tacos for I am an adult that does what she wants.

Since I am one person that means I had tacos every night for dinner that week for I don’t mind leftovers and I don’t waste food.

I arrived home from work one evening super excited for my last night of taco dinner so I got right on the routine tasks of letting the dogs out (yep, that was me. I let the dogs out. /dad joke), feeding the dogs, changing out of my work clothes, and then finally fixin’ the tacos.

As I’m eating my tacos, I get severe chest pains. Like, so severe I couldn’t sit up straight. So severe my eyes watered. So severe I said out loud, to my dogs I guess, “What is happening right now?!?!”

But I kept right on eating my tacos because I’ll be damned if tacos go to waste.

I finally stood up to see if I could stand up straight, and I couldn’t. But I could drink water. I could, of course, eat tacos. I could breathe, but that felt labored. And I could talk. So, I told myself what all moms tell their kids. Even though I’m not a mom and I’m just talking to myself. “It’s just gas.”

So, I chugged some water. I burped. I could stand up straight. I went to the bathroom. It all went away.

So, yes, it was all just gas.

But now we all know that if I do ever find myself having an actual heart attack I may not realize it, care, or stop eating. Especially if it’s tacos.

Moral of the story? I ate tacos and didn’t die so I pretty much win.


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