Manic Monday

Let’s catch up, shall we? This might take some time. Get a snack.

I went to Spain for a week. The week before I was a bundle of nerves and didn’t walk a lot then I went to Spain and did ALL THE WALKING!


Then I came home and had all of the jet lag and did none of the walking.

But somehow I managed to hold steady at my lowest weight of the year. GO ME!!

I have no idea how this is possible. Because the week I was in Spain I ate Spanish chorizo every day, Spanish ham, English ham, bread, olive oil, eggs and potatoes, drank Spanish Coke daily, Spanish hot chocolate, many paellas, seafood, and ice cream. The food, you guys. THE FOOD!!! It was amazing. And I’m now that insufferable person that’s angry I have to eat food here and went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought rice imported from Spain, olive oil imported from Spain, and a double pan made in Spain so I can make Spanish omelets and paella here at home. I’m the worst.

Spain was great. Just really, really great. I cannot fully put into words how much I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed traveling around the country to visit multiple cities and having a friend/family member with us that is from the area to give us a more local flair was beyond perfect. I feel that I really got toe experience Spain in a much deeper manner than if I’d simply gone there as a tourist. I’m forever thankful to her and her family’s kindness in hosting us.

I’m not posting photos or doing a recap, however. My Flickr stream is linked on the sidebar to the right and if you’d like to, please feel free to visit and go through the Spain album!

Last week, as I said, I was jet lagged like a mofo and it took me until right about Friday to feel normal again. So, I only managed to do my office hallway walk twice last week and I did my neighborhood walk Saturday morning but, for some reason, could not make myself do it yesterday. The temps this week in the evening should be manageable so I should get those walks in AND I should get back to my gymming schedule, too. I won’t hover at this weight for much longer if I don’t get back on the stick, y’all.

So, here is to being back to real life and normal and routine!


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