Moving Right Along

back on track

The only day I didn’t come close to the goal was Saturday. And I was so damn close on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday that I should be ashamed of myself for not getting there. But I am not because I am too busy being happy that I was, mostly, back on track and that I’m only up half a pound.

This week I plan to eat salads for lunch and have small dinners to hopefully shed a bit more than the usual in a week to set myself up nicely for my vacation. Vacation is good for walking but, also, bad for just eating what you want. Which I shall. For I’ll be in Spain and you do not go to Spain and say no to the food.

My frame of mind is pretty good other than the new info that I may have to put on a swim suit in public but whatever. That won’t kill me.

And that’s your Monday update.


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