Do Over

dizzy week

Last Tuesday my period started and along with it came the most horrifying dizziness I’ve experienced yet. Being upright was terrible. So, no walking happened Tuesday or Wednesday at all.

Also, since my brain said “oh, shit…you’re dizzy…we need to fix this!” it decided food was the answer even though food was not the answer. But food I did.

Apparently “can stop, will stop” is my motto.

I’m up 2.6 pounds from last Monday and I’m not going to be mad about it because for my Friday weigh in it was much higher and no thank you. I’ll get back on track and downward progress will be seen once again.

I had Friday off so I worked out with my trainer since the rest of the week didn’t work out. I am tired and sore, man. Tomorrow is my last session with him and then the true test will be to see if I motivate myself to go gym on my own. I can do that, right? Sure.

Friday was also the only day I managed my neighborhood walk. Again, this is a new week. No shame spirals here. Only moving forward is happening.

I hiked Sunday. Then lay my ass on the couch most of the day. I feel super tired. I don’t know why.

There’s your update. You’re welcome.


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