better week

I kicked shit into high gear last week and I’m not gonna stop. As Randi says “Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

My lifetime steps with my FitBit are: 3,216,561

I don’t recall when I bought the thing but I do know there was a period of time that I did not wear it so there’s that.

I came in third place in the office weight loss challenge with a total of 8.2 pounds lost since January 9th.

For my own purposes, I’m down 9.2. So just ONE POUND!! away from my first goal. SO CLOSE!!!

Yesterday I went to a birthday party and I ate a chocolate chip cookie and a cupcake and then felt like complete shit thanks to all of the sugar involved and I will never do that again. I’m not one with the sugar any longer. Sugar must truly now be in moderation. Thank you, healthy living.

I had house coffee this weekend and it was glorious.

I have pre cramps cramps and I’m in no mood! So this is your update with just the facts, ma’am.


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