Clean Up

Since doing the Whole 30 I’ve still read labels of the food I buy and I’d say I’m about 90% “clean” or whatever and I still avoid buying food that has unnecessary added sugar. But for some reason, I was still drinking this crap at home:

The ingredient list on that is a real shit show! But, even though I drink one mug of coffee at the office each day I still do not consider myself a coffee drinker. Even though I was drinking that mess at home.

I finally decided to come to reality and admit that I enjoy that bit of caffeine in the morning and I like the sweet taste. Since my coffee is not very much coffee like because coffee is heinous. So, back to the point, I bought myself a single cup* coffee maker for the house with the same type of coffee and creamer that I drink at the office.

I haven’t used it yet as I still had one more mug’s worth of that chemical laden bullshit and I made it this morning. And I didn’t even enjoy it and poured half of it down the sink. Good riddance to bad rubbish, right?

I’m still not following the Whole 30 because I do enjoy pasta, bread, and beans and they really don’t seem to cause my system any distress. But I buy pasta without any added crap. I try to buy bread with the least amount of added crap. I eat beans now and again. That whole everything in moderation thing, ya know? But I am trying to eat as clean, healthy, and naturally as possible.

But until Blue Bell makes their ice cream without added crap I’ll never be there 100% because you can rip the Blue Bell Cookies & Cream ice cream from my cold, dead fingers!

My final note will be a sad complaint. The office weight loss challenge ends next Monday. PMS is setting in and my period should be in full effect that day so there is no way my weight will be down and I may actually lose my 3rd place position and I shall be oh so sad. The end.

*Not a Keurig type machine. This one has a reusable filter that came with it and it was way cheaper and I’ll not be contributing to more waste being put into recycling centers and/or landfills.


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