crappy week

Well, I had no idea I managed to get in 70k steps but I don’t think that matters much when those steps were, mostly, thanks to three days of moving. But I’ll take it.

Last week had all of the doctors appointments and just no time for walks. This week will be better!

I’m down 7.6 lbs for the official office weigh-in and 8.9 lbs for my official weigh in! How ’bout that?!?

Yesterday was the first fairly intensive hike I’ve done in some time and I am feeling it today. I was wiped out once I got home yesterday and was able to do nothing other than visit my boyfriend. So, today I will go to the grocery store and do meal prep for the week this evening. I did my hallway walk and that helped with the sore and tight muscles and I’m gonna walk this evening before I start the meal prep fun.

Boom! Updated.


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