Rock, Steady

I got on the scale this morning for my own official Friday weigh in and despite me not being able to really walk that much this week and sorta threw all caution to the wind in regards to my diet (or at least feeling like I did) I’m only up 1/2 a pound for the week and I ain’t even mad. I expected so much worse and when I saw that number I was all “Well there you go!” about it. Yay!

My frame of mind, I think, is weird. This week was hard on me with all of the testings and probings and then waiting for the results, which were all good but I do not have the mammogram results yet. Cramps and overall feelings of bleah come with all of this but it’s fine. It just left me feeling sort of like everyone that saw me should give me hugs and tell me I’m pretty. But this is real life and that, of course, doesn’t happen and that’s fine, too. Then I’m realizing that I am fucking obsessed with paying off my debts and I’m driving myself unnecessarily crazy over that. My finances are better than the average American’s but, really, with the state of the average American I don’t know that that is saying much. But I need to relax a bit. It’s making me complainy in really weird ways. But, again, this week was just really fucked up for me and I hate it. Then I found out yesterday that the matriarch of just the best and kindest family I have the honor of knowing and loving was diagnosed with colon cancer and they are awaiting the prognosis. So, I should shut up. I hate cancer. I hate that bad things happen to even the best people.

So, there you go. Good riddance to you, terrible week.


2 thoughts on “Rock, Steady

  1. I think you are beautiful and would be happy to hug you.
    I don’t want to be all preachy but walking and eating better really helps with all the mental shit. It takes a minute to kick in but I feel SO MUCH BETTER now than I used to and I credit diet and exercise. Like a dirty hippie. Hang in there. xo

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