Thanks to various members of my family, I have a hiatal hernia which allows stomach acid to come up into my esophagus and cause heartburn regardless of what I eat. It also created a ring of scar tissue that resulted in food getting stuck and me needing an emergency endoscopy about seven years ago. I now take Prilosec once a day to keep all of that at bay and continue eating whatever the eff I want without heartburn. It’s nice.

But I mathed wrong and ran out of my Rx but just a few days short and thought I’d wing it and not spend money on an OTC version. Until I acted like an idiot and ate a chorizo and egg burrito and damn near died due to how much burn I had and upset, gurgly belly and all of it. Which took me to the local drugstore for OTC Prilosec which was unnecessary since my Rx was in the mailbox waiting on me. I will never, ever, ever do that again. I was miserable and it was terrible and I, clearly, am unable to make wise choices when I know I should.

Also last week was terrible as far as my walking goes:

terrible fitbit week

But today starts a new week and I’m back on track! I just did my office hallway walk and that was over a mile and a half! In a hallway! So, once I do my just over 2 miles at home this evening I’m sure I’ll be over 10k for the day and bam!

I’m in 3rd place in the office weigh loss challenge and, according to the work scale and challenge stats, I’m down 6.4 pounds. According to my scale and my personal stats I’m down 7.8. But my stats started before the office ones did so they’re likely the same, really. Either way! I’m shrinking and feeling good about it.


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