Adulthood Strikes Back

My boyfriend’s work schedule was different over the weekend which, for reasons that shouldn’t be reasons, threw me off with meal planning. Which is all my own fault and I own that. But it’s there. Which means this week hasn’t been great with my fooding. And today found me at the McDonald’s drive thru and now I feel like ass.

I also haven’t been able to fit in all of my walking so I’m not maintaining my lead or my streak of 10k steps every day, either.

Despite all of this I am just over one pound down from last Friday and I am hopeful for that to be the case tomorrow for the official weigh-in. So I’m 3 pounds from my mini-goal and 17 from my main goal. WOO!

In my realization that I’d like to buy a house but likely can’t but will definitely need to be able to, at least, pay rent starting in a little over a year I’ve been assessing my expenses. And I’ve adjusted where I can and then realized that my personal trainer was my largest non-essential expense and therefore on Tuesday I told him the news and he said “you’re breaking up with me?!” and gave me a hug and then said really nice things about working with me and getting to know me and it was all very nice. He sounds like he’s going to work on putting together some workouts for me to rotate through that I can work on myself there at the gym so we’ll see if I can keep myself motivated to do that!

But what that means is that I’ll be paying off the little bit of debt that I have and all that I’ll have left is my car payment and therefore should have a nice sum in my account for moving expenses and deposits when it’s time.

Now that I have a plan, universe, please don’t give me a wrench. Kthxbye.


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