So Much Winning

I am number one on my Fitbit friends list!! So many days in a row of over 10k steps, y’all. SO MANY! I didn’t think I’d get them in last night and then I did. Like magic. Or, like walking circles in my house.

Today is my official weigh-in day. And guess what? All of this buckling down has really started to pay off. I am now only 4 pounds from my mini goal and 18 from my main goal!! Can you even on my behalf because I am unable to! It’s about time. But, you know, it was also about time that I got serious about this shit, too, so there’s that.

My mood remains good, even though my cramps were still sort of in charge at the gym and my trainer made me do this one exercise that he didn’t think would impact me but it did and he got, for the first time ever, one of my trademarked “I will kill you!” death stares straight into his eyes. He was impressed. But the mood is good. Despite that and despite that I am dealing with the fact that I will likely never ever own my own home but that’s a whole other thing for a whole other time.

Today I am winning. Where’s my cookie?


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