I was so caught up in my Fitbit tomfuckery that I forgot to update about the walking the hiking, and the weight loss!

Except I did update about the walking since that was part of the tomfuckery so never mind.

Sunday, however, I went on a morning hike and I took both of my dogs and the doggie house guest that I had. One friend walked the house guest. Another friend walked Riley. And I walked my Gladys. Because sometimes I play favorites and that sometime will always be on a hike. Because Gladys is a hiker and Riley is not. But he did really well for our friend, Cindy, and for that we are all glad.


Have you ever seen a happier dog? I think not. This girl LOVES to hike and it makes me so very happy. She doesn’t sniff and pee on all of the things. She is far too busy hiking for any of that nonsense. I love her and she loves to hike and she is likely my actual spirit animal.

So, my period showed up two days early today and that means cramps and me likely canceling on my trainer for this evening because I get to, dammit. But it also means I am now even more impressed with my current decline in weight seeing as how I usually bloat like a whale during PMS and then the actual period days. However I am down in weight and I am now only 5 pounds from my mini goal and 19 pounds from my main goal! WOO!

I am, however, only in 4th place in the office challenge since other people decided to get serious at the same time I got serious. And we’re going on percent lost instead of weight lost and one girl is already very small so any weight she loses will be a higher percentage and she’s throwing off the curve, man! But that’s fine. Because being in this challenge jump started my motivation and that is well worth paying $5 for.

So, I guess overall I can say my frame of mind is pretty happy and good. I am going to say it’s thanks to my evening walks. Being active really does do better things for me all around then going home and plopping onto the couch until time for bed. It’s on the internet now, so it must be true.


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