Since my FitBit isn’t syncing at the moment I have started taking photos of the stats on it at the end of each day. This is what I’ve become.


And because I have also become either competitive or petty as fuck, I’ve done math, too. Math! I take my stats and add them to the last sync standings so I can see where I am on the friends list. I don’t know whether to commend my commitment or be ashamed of my pettiness.

I’m going to choose to commend my commitment. Whatever keeps me motivated to lose the weight is a good thing, right? So, yeah. Positive spin!

So there we have it. Another day of 10k+ steps. I had to do laps in my house to get there but I did it! I’m seeing that you can fit things in if you’re creative and committed.

Tonight is another busy evening but I’m going to try to squeeze a 2 mile walk in. I even have it plotted out, even though I won’t be in my own neighborhood. But thanks to that one run I went on with my boyfriend, I know the distance from his apartment to the next major intersection is just over a mile. So, there and back will be just over 2 miles. I can do it if I time everything just so.

Dinner last night put some weight back on but that is one night and one night doesn’t ruin lives. Well…it can. But not where weight is concerned.

Go forth! Be committed! Even if it’s petty as fuck, I guess.


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