Strife and Peeves

My FitBit is currently not syncing. It stopped around 1pm yesterday. I had another 10k+ day and it doesn’t indicate it and it’s not picking up today’s steps and I’m way more irritated by this than I should be. But I have Randi to catch up to. And then pass.

That’s all of my strife. My life is really quite easy. Not bragging, just acknowledging how lucky I am.

Now, my peeve. When people are trying to lose weight and they are exercising but not seeing any weight loss OR they see weight gain and other people tell them “muscle weighs more than fat.” Or “Well, you’re adding muscle.” No to both. 5 pounds is 5 pounds. It weighs the same. It looks different and you will see inches come off so always measure yourself! But unless you are actively bulking you’re not adding muscle. You’re converting fat to muscle. You can and will lose weight but if you simply convert 5 pounds of fat to muscle all you’ve done is slimmed down a bit while maintaining the same number on the scale.

Not sure why that bugs me so much, but it does.

I have weighed myself each morning, like I always do and know that I shouldn’t. But I do it anyway. And I am steadily seeing weight come off now. Apparently actually adding in more walking, brisk walking, to my routine was really the kick in the pants I needed! Yay!

As of this morning, according to the office scale, I’m now down 3.4 pounds since we started the contest in January. FINALLY!! Most of that is within the last week. I hope to maintain this level of downsizing.

What are some of your peeves, person that may be reading this?


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