Fit Bit Weekly Recap

Thursday I had that dumb stomach bug and Friday I just did not feel like moving much as I was still a big gurgly in the belly region. But check out all of the over 10k days! Woo!

Tuesday was gym day, Wednesday was take a walk after work day, Saturday was the Hike for the Homeless, and Sunday was take a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. Which I will continue to do while it’s not too hot. Once it gets too hot, off to the gym I go right after work for a walk on the dumb treadmill.

And all of this work sees me just 7 pounds from my mini goal and 21 pounds from my main goal. And I am in SECOND PLACE!!! in the office weight loss challenge. Granted three people weren’t here to weigh in so that could be a fluke but it’s a fluke I will be happy about!


I feel motivated and super serious about losing this damn weight!

Also, I spent yesterday meal prepping. I made breakfast, lunch, and a bit of dinner. Dinners are usually easy as I eat light in the evening. I like to make lunch my biggest meal of the day, in general.

This is lunch for today through Wednesday:


Those are paleo fried chicken meatballs. And they are OMGSOGOOD.

My frame of mind is pretty good. I like feeling like I’m making progress and I like doing rather than sitting and whining.

I’m sure I have improvements to make in my activity level and my meal prep but for now I’m moving in the right direction and I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Yay! Great start to the week.


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