Sick Day

I took my first sick day in some time yesterday. I woke up nauseated and it just got worse as the morning progressed. My stomach was an angry roil of gurgles which made it feel like it may explode at any time. It was a whole lot of feeling bad without a lot of actual activity happening, if you know what I mean. Well, if you ignore the first part of the morning, that is. But we won’t talk about that.

But I’m now down over a pound for the week so I’ll take it.

Wednesday I spent a good amount of time being whiny to Randi about my lack of weight loss and my frustrations and all of it. After getting all of that out I felt super motivated to take a nice, quick paced walk once I was home from work. So I did just that. I walked for just about 30 minutes and was over my 10k step goal for the second time that week.

Then yesterday all movement came to a screeching halt. I’m currently, as I sit here writing this at not quite 9:30 am, just 300 steps shy of my total for all of yesterday. That’s one lazy sick day, y’all.

But I’m now at a low level of gurgling in the belly area. It, again, feels like I need to go to the bathroom but I really don’t. It’s an odd feeling. Yesterday I ate various types of toast. Today I’m gonna try to eat an actual lunch.

I still feel motivated and I was bummed that I had to cancel on my trainer AND not take my afternoon walk. So hopefully my belly will settle down enough that I can do that today after work. We shall see.

Tomorrow I am hiking in a charity hike that is raising money to assist the homeless population in finding jobs. It’s a great cause and I’m glad that I have many generous friends that put me over my personal goal!

Today’s moral, stay motivated. Even when you can’t.



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