I went to the gym last night and told my trainer of my freak out in the creek and that I had thought about asking him if we could set up a fake little creek in the gym with bosu balls and other such things for me to step to and from. The bosu ball, naturally, since it’s not a steady platform and I would have to work on my balance.

He thought that was a great idea and he ran me through a few things he originally had planned for me then set up our creek. And I did it. And I did it while holding weights. And I did it while using each leg to step off on.

He also had me do step ups onto a box while he pulled on a rope I was holding to throw me off balance and I did that.

So, my balance is definitely there and I have leg strength and all of the things. Now I just have to get past the mental part of the creek.

Then I had to do one legged box squats and discovered that I can balance better on my left leg but the strength is all in the right. So, I gotta work on that, too.

I’m sticking to the diet plan and while I’m eating enough as far as calories, fat, etc….I feel hungry all the time! I don’t remember this from doing the Whole 30 but maybe I’m looking back with rose colored glasses. Who knows. All I know is I’m hungry. I hate feeling hungry.

In not gym or weight loss related news, I went to the bathroom here at the office. It’s a shared bathroom since I’m in an office building. Each suite doesn’t have its own, it’s just one large bathroom on each floor. So, there’s about 5 stalls in each one. So I’m in my own stall peeing and there’s another lady in another stall and she’s clearly taking a poo and it just strikes me as odd from time to time that we just have these communal rooms with little stalls where we go and sit beside each other and poop. I don’t know why I find it weird but I do. Now you know that about me.


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