Everything Makes Sense

Last week was PMS time and the weekend was full on period time and that explains why I was grumpy, negative, not motivated, up in weight, and eating all of the things.

Despite all of that I have lost some weight since this Monday’s official office weigh-in and I hope to keep that up. I am currently, as of Monday, in 7th place which isn’t great but with all of the reproductive system bullshit behind me I can make up lost time in the next two and a half weeks.

My periods are too close together and I don’t have enough time to just be normal and this is bullshit. /tangent

I whined to my trainer last week about not losing weight and what am I doing wrong without realizing it was PMS bloat time and he told me to start logging my meals again on the MyFitnessPal and he’d review my food logs each day to give me tips. Once I was living in reality and understood why I was a never ending pit of hunger I chose to start logging on Monday. So my logs aren’t totally revealing anything yet to him but to me it reveals that I need to stop being so whiny during the PMS bloat time.

But it’s still good for me to log the food so I know I’m not lying to myself but I don’t like that I’ve gone to bed feeling hungry each evening but I like that I’ve lost weight so I guess it’s all gonna be ok.

This past weekend it did all of the raining and ruined all of my plans and now Randi is way ahead of me in steps again and she is the worst. Except she’s not. She’s just the best at walking more.

Yesterday my mood was shit and I have no idea why other than the fact that bleeding heavily from the uterus while it cramps to wring itself out is tiring and that will impact a person’s mood, ok. OK?!? Fuck. So, I told my trainer I was in a shit mood and he said “I got this” and proceeded to let me toss a heavy ball against the wall, toss a heavy ball towards the ground, and beat a rather large tire with a sledgehammer. He’s so good to me. And today my mood is OMGSOGOODYOUGUYS!!! Period is gone. Endorphins are running around. Life is good.

Today I shall ignore my favorite food truck and, instead, eat the little lunch I brought so I can eat tonight’s Dinner Date Night Dinner guilt free. It’s my turn to cook and I’m cooking up this awesome looking italian sausage I bought at Whole Foods, some bow tie pasta from Whole Foods, some local made spicy marinara, and some asiago and parmesan cheeses from Whole Foods. Basically I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods like a person that has money to spend but my foods are all without any unnecessary crap in them and therefore they are nice and Whole 30ish, other than pasta and cheese, and that whole “clean eating” thing. It matters, really. I can mock it and scoff but at the end of the day eating foods without the unnecessary crap in it is so much better for me as far as health and weight goes. So, there. I just won’t put it into mason jars.

So that’s where we are. I’m back to being 22 pounds from my end goal but I’m going to break my end goal into mini goals and I am now 8 pounds from my first mini goal. I can do this.


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