Everyone in the office weight-loss made up for the gains we all saw last week and only one person gained weight. I’m in 4th place now.

What is really upsetting is that I weighed myself as soon as I arrived and then I had a cup of coffee and about a cup of water. That made me go up 1/2 pound despite peeing right before weigh-in. I arrive to work an hour before everyone else. I can’t sit here for an hour not having water or anything. That’s absurd. Grrr.

I’m doing pretty good with my Fitbit steps again. I’m close to 10k each day and yesterday I was well over. Thanks to a morning hike and then two different impromptu dance parties with the dogs during the day.

My weight loss seems to be stalled and I’m not totally sure what to do. I need to sit down again and look at what I’m eating and where I can make positive changes. But right now I am starving and eating a granola bar that’s full of corn syrup and crap. That’s not gonna help. Nor does it taste good. But lunch is at least 2 hours away. We can’t sit here this hungry for that long. No way.

Meal prep must be a part of my Sundays whether I feel like it or not. Cereal for breakfast leads to eating crap filled grody granola bars. And not having lunch will lead me to possibly making a bad choice. Or I can compromise and get yummy taco parts in a bowl at Chipotle. That’s far better than a lot of things floating in my head. Things like grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto and bacon. mmmmm….

So, that’s a good representation of where I am today. Enjoy.


One thought on “Challenge

  1. I noticed working a hard boiled egg into my breakfast of apples, bananas and grapes seems to help. I also lean more toward oatmeal than cereal. Just a though. Keep a stick of cheese around to snack on. Protein, sucka, for gainz.

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