It’s Been One Week

Let’s do this post as a weekly recap, shall we?


I weighed in at the office and didn’t want to cry or hide or whatever. I just weighed, saw the weight, and moved on with my life. Because I know I’m finally working on changing it.

I walked for 30 minutes on my lunch break. I took the stairs. In fact, I’ve not taken the elevator yet this year!


I went to lunch with a dear friend and made good choices. Especially since that meant I wouldn’t get my lunch wak in.

I went to the gym and worked with my trainer. I informed him that I was going for a run afterward with my boyfriend and asked him not to kill my legs. He spent the last 10 minutes of our session having me stretch my legs so they’d be warmed up for the run.

I went to my boyfriend’s and did said run. I ran for ½ a mile! Without stopping. I wanted to stop. I was out of breath and I had slight pain in my shins but nothing like in the past. But I pushed through and worked on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and wound up finding a good rhythm there but it’s hard to change how you breathe, man. But I ran and kept up with him and then we walked back and boom! I did about a mile and a half run/walk after the gym and finally got over 10K steps on a weekday. Yay!


I weighed myself and I was 3 pounds lighter than I was on my official weigh in day of Friday! But I knew that wouldn’t last since Wednesday is our dinner date night and I was making macaroni and cheese and BBQ mini sausages. So, I ate sensibly all day and then I had smaller portions for dinner and a snack of strawberries. I feel good about that.

I did a 15 minute walk in the hallway at my lunch. I did not get anywhere near 10k steps but that’s just how it is somedays and I’ve decided that I am no longer competing with my friends on the FitBit, I am only competing with myself and ensuring I move and am not just plopped down in front of the TV doing nothing in the evenings. So, Wednesday was a win.


I am now only 2 pounds lighter but still! Tomorrow is official weigh-in day and that is the number that matters the most.

I did a 15 minute hallway walk. One lap was at a speed walker rate thanks to a fast as hell co-worker. She has a great future in being a mall walking granny.

I went to the gym and gymmed super good.


Official weigh in: Down 2 pounds! 21 pounds to my goal weight.


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