I’m Gonna Knock You Out

Today was my official weigh in day and I’m down 1 full pound which puts me 23 pounds to my goal. Yay!

I went to the gym last night and worked as hard as I could and sweated my ass off and he had me do a bit of cardio at the end and that’s great.

The women in my office are doing a Biggest Loser type challenge since most of us want to lose weight. We’re not doing any money pot or anything like that. It’s just to keep us motivated and nothing does that like a bit of healthy competition, right?

My friend, Randi, has been sick so she’s not been able to walk and I’ve been taking advantage of that fact and walking all the steps to catch up with her on the FitBit. Because I am a monster with no shame.

Tonight I will take stock of my food supplies and this weekend I will hit the Costco and the Sprouts and the Whole Foods, if necessary, and get all of the healthy food and start eating right! Because now I have people I’m accountable to and competitions to win!

New Year, new motivation. I’m for it.


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