It’s now 2017. Let’s talk about my goals and plans for this space and my person!

My plan is to blog at least once a week. I shall track my workouts, my hikes, my weight, my walks, my meal prep, and my emotions. I think. That’s what I’m thinking right now.

I am finding that while I want to be accountable in regards to my weight, I am still quite vain and not really open to publicly sharing what my actual weight is. So, I’ll just share the amount of weight I want to lose and my progress towards that. So, on the 1st I did my official beginning of the year weigh in and determined that I would like to lose 24 pounds. My official weigh in days will be Fridays.

Yesterday I went on an awesome 5.5ish mile hike. It was a relatively easy hike but it covered so many different types of the terrain we have here in the desert so it was just lovely. We had to cross over some water areas due to all of the rain we’ve had recently and trudge through some pretty thick and sticky mud. At one point I was sinking! So, that added some nice weight to our legs for a bit, too. It was a great first hike of the year and a nice reminder that I LOVE going out there and hiking and being with my friends. I need to manage my schedule and find the balance again so I can do this more than once a month.

Hackberry Springs (Day Two)

Today I was back in the office and I am vowing to take the stairs and not the elevator. I am going to bring my lunch way more often than not, but that will be part of my recommitting to meal planning and eating more like I did while on the Whole30. I am going to walk the hallway and do laps in order to catch up and pass my friend, Randi, on daily steps because she has been ahead of me for far too long and that cannot stand. Healthy competition is healthy! I am also going to have healthy snacks available at my desk so I am not tempted by the ever present chocolate bowl at the front desk. I will find ways to incorporate stretching into my daily routine, whether that is at home or at my desk.

After work I went to the gym even though I feel sorta like ass. And I managed to make it the entire time and boom! First gymming of the year is now under my belt.

Let’s do this!


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