And All of the Rest

Last week we recapped the first part of 2016. Now, let’s finish this thing out. The post and the year!


I had to go to Pennsylvania for work again.

I gymmed two and a half times.

I hiked twice. One of which was a lovely day trip to Jerome where we hiked in a lovely forest then had lunch with an amazing view. I love Arizona. It’s truly a beautiful state.

Lunch View

The month ended with me turning 44!


August started with my boyfriend’s birthday and me being better at Top Golf than either of us thought I’d be. Doesn’t mean I was good, it just means I wasn’t as horrid as expected. Then I took him and his dog to a Diamondbacks game and enjoyed all of the free treats, hot dogs, and drinks that we could all stand. We got to take home toys and a new bed. It was pretty awesome.

Then it was our 1 year anniversary! Yay!

I hiked three times. Once in a new to me spot and another in an old spot that, for some reason, gave me all of the anxiety. My anxiety was high a lot this year. I have theories as to why but I won’t delve into them.

Spur Cross

I gymmed with my trainer three times.

I had another massage. I’m clearly living a hard life.

We went to another work party for his company.

One of my tires totally just shred on my way to work one day and I had to buy all new tires. It was due. I just wasn’t ready. Life, sometimes, forces you to be ready.


When I saw it announced that The Revolution would be doing a reunion show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, I immediately told my boyfriend. Who immediately said “Are you going?” and me saying “Yes. This will not be a regret in my life.” He bought me my plane ticket for my birthday because he is so kind. So the very first weekend in September I took off on my own to Minneapolis with directions to the Purple Rain house, First Avenue, and Paisley Park. It was an amazing trip and I am so glad that I did it. I danced my feelings out for a while. I cried. I missed his presence on that stage. I missed his voice in those songs. It was amazing but not complete.

Celebrating the Music
First Avenue


I had yet another massage. Because, really, why not at this point?

We went to my first NFL game! The Cardinals vs the Buccaneers. It was so much fun!

I was introduced to the world that is LuLaRoe and I now have many ridiculous leggings. The clothes are fun and easy and comfortable and it’s all ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. No regrets!

I took my dearest friend to California as a 2015 Christmas gift and we had pasta salad and relaxation on the beach for the weekend. I found a lovely bungalow on Air BnB and it was walking distance to the beach.

Our Spot

I gymmed with my trainer thrice.

Hiking? What’s hiking? – September, if it could talk.


Let’s just get this out of the way now. Yes, I had a massage. I truly had no idea that I’d turned massages into a monthly occurrence until I sat down to write this. I’m a lady of luxury, apparently.

I gymmed a whole big total of not at all.

I hiked once! It was a hike I organized and then once I was there I was all “this is not the trail I was looking for” and I regretted my decision. But a fun time was had by my little group, at least. The other group, that didn’t listen to my words, did not have such a good time. It happens.

Holbert Trail

We took all three dogs to Barktoberfest and had a doggone good time. I don’t regret that dad joke. Not one bit.

We hosted my friends at my house for a potluck “Halloween” dinner and that was a nice evening.

When my boyfriend learned that WVU would be the team his school’s football team would be playing for homecoming, he decided it was time to go home. So, I got to go to Oklahoma and see where he grew up, where his Mom worked, his hometown, his school, and meet two of his best friends. I also got to watch OSU beat WVU. But the crowd around us was so nice and put up with my cheering for the Mountaineers like good sports should. What a pleasant experience.


November was a crazy month! My boyfriend started a new job and was in NYC for two weeks then I went to WV for Thanksgiving for a week. So routines were non existent but it all worked out ok. The day I flew to WV was the same day he flew back from NYC. Luckily there was a gap in between those two events and we were able to meet up at the airport and have lunch together and hugs and kisses. Awww.

I managed to get two hikes in. And I drove my hiking friends and cheered for them while they did the Phoenix Summit Challenge. One of the hikes was the day after hike with the doggies.

Puppy Hike

I went to the gym and worked with Tyler six times!

I did not get a massage. What in the hell happened here?!?!? I demand better treatment from my schedule!

While in West Virginia I was the laziest lazy that never did a thing. I did drive to Virginia one of the days for a last minute visit with my friend, Jeff. We went to a safari zoo where you can drive through and feed the animals. OMG! That shit was hilarious. The llamas are intimidating as all hell.

Safari Park

My family and I went to The Greenbrier and had dinner then looked in all of the shops. I made my niece cry. On purpose. I’m harsh.

We also saw less than 25% of our fellow citizens vote for horribleness. And now we’re all stuck with it. Thanks to less than 25% of us! This does not sit well with me. It doesn’t sit well with me for so many reasons. I will not go into them for this is not a political blog but holy fuck do I hate seeing all of the people he is surrounding himself with and the potential to fuck every aspect of our lives that it holds. I’m angry and I’m sad. Fuck this guy.


I worked at the gym with my trainer five times. During our last session of the year he gave me a Christmas present. A book of stretches. Because he wants me to stretch. I think I’ll finally take that under consideration.

I got a massage. Balance has been restored!

Speaking of balance, we watched “A New Hope” with a friend in preparation for “Rogue One.” “Rogue One” is good but, maybe, not necessary. I like the look of it. The music was generic, however. And it felt like a much longer movie. The last 20 – 30 minutes, though, are pretty good.

My company had its annual holiday party at the owner’s house and it was, as always, lovely.

I hosted my friend and her family for our annual Christmas dinner. I used to go to her house on Christmas morning and was part of her family. But her life has changed and my life has changed and now we just do it on a different day and we are all still family because that never changes.

Christmas was fairly low key this year and I wound up really missing my family and just feeling sad deep in my soul. I’m not sure why. It’s possible it’s just the crap fest that was 2016 found me wanting to be surrounded with love, comfort, family, and familiarity. Someone once told me that having traditions was a double edged sword because it was nice when it happened but then it also gives one expectations that lead to disappointment when they don’t happen. I think I felt the cut of that sword this year.

Christmas Eve we went and spent the evening for dinner with his sister and her family and a family of friends, and that was really nice. Christmas morning we had breakfast tacos then we made carrot cake cheesecake and it was all low key and chill. Except for the dogs. They have no chill. These poor toys are already dead.

Christmas Morning

Then I also found myself feeling lots of bitterness and jealousy and resentment bubbling up. Again, I’m going to blame how shitty 2016 was as a whole. I mean, yes, you just read that I had a lot of good times. And I did. But, sadly, the death of Prince and the election of Trump and all of his cabinet picks so far just really overshadow that for me. And then just this week Carrie Fisher died. So, I’ve run out of optimism for the time being. I’m trying to work through my bitterness and jealousy because that’s not fun.

I had two hikes scheduled that I had to cancel out on because of overall feelings of ugh. It’s either high level allergies or a low level cold or both. And it sucks ass and is making me surlier since hiking makes me happy and now I can’t even do that because “rest!”

So, I guess I’m ending this year on a down note. That’s not like me, really. I usually find the silver lining or have some sort of Carrie Bradshawesque thought process where I’ve learned something. This year, I don’t like what I’ve learned.

But, in order to end on a positive, I do like that the year ends on a Saturday and the new one starts on a Sunday. It’s a nice, neat way to begin. Now, let’s see where it takes us.


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