Catching up on 2015

I’m gonna try to summarize what has occurred between me getting out of the Canyon and now. Fun! I had wanted to get this taken care of before the end of the year but it just didn’t work out. And that’s ok!

So, June. I left the Canyon in June. That seems so long ago, so oh mah gawd! Something I looked forward to for so long and then I did it and now? Poof. Time has moved on.

Now here’s the real summary, month by month:


June was fairly normalish. I made it to all of my workouts and tried to come up with a new goal and was mostly riding my high of having achieved the goal I’d set for myself. Which was, as you likely know, hiking the Grand Canyon.

I went on mostly small hikes most weekends, nothing big or strenuous, though.

June saw lots and lots of dates with the cute guy I discussed previously. They went swimmingly!

I went to Salt Lake City for my cousin’s wedding reception and did a small hike while there.


July saw an uptick in the amount and types of dates with cute guy, which made little time on the weekends for my hikes! So, I hiked four times in July, one of which was a great one out of town in Prescott. Nice elevation gain.

My family came to town and we did an awesome road trip vacation around Arizona and went horseback riding and all of that. We even went to the Grand Canyon and it was nice seeing it again. I just love it. I love it so damn much. 

I only worked out 4 times! Not sure why.


Cute guy and I officially became a thing and guess what? Even less time was available for hiking. Two hikes happened, one of which was out of town.

I worked out 5 times with my trainer.

I went to Colorado and went on a short hike there.

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of serious hikingness by…not hiking that day. August 23rd, for the official record of such things.


Worked out with my trainer 5 times.

Hiked 4 times, one of which was out of town.

Went to Tonto Natural Bridge with the boyfriend, which was a scary assed hike. For me. Because I’m weird.


I managed to make all 8 of my monthly sessions with my trainer in October. Way to go, October!

I only managed 2 hikes, however. One of which was out of town.

I went for a pedi and a massage. She said I was quite jacked up in all of my muscle areas. Ouch.


Only 2 workouts with my trainer happened because I caught a stupid cold and then was out of town for Thanksgiving.

Which means I was in West Virginia for Thanksgiving. Which means I took my yearly trip to Virginia to see my friends but only one was available. And that one was Jeff. And he hikes. And I hike. So we scheduled a hike instead of just lunch. And oh my what a hike it turned out to be. We took the wrong trail, decided that we could just climb up and over this hill to find the trail but that, naturally, didn’t work out as simply as it sounds. We hiked close to 10 miles up hill, across hill, over trees, through mountain laurel, climbed rocks, and basically did all of the things that scare me the most. What a fantastic time! Truly. 

I was bitten by a dog.

I started going to a chiropractor since my trainer noticed one leg was longer than the other.

I went on 2 small hikes.

I drove my hiking friends and cheered them all on during the Phoenix Summit Challenge.

I got registered for the 2016 National Trail Trek! Oh, shit. I need to start hiking for real again…


I worked out with my trainer 7 times! Yay, December! But I’m weak and out of shape feeling. I’m still not at the level I was at when I began but I feel sluggish and dizzy a lot. I’ve put on all of the weight I lost on the Whole30 and 10 more on top of that. I surpassed my never again weight and landed squarely on “not seen that number on my scale before.” Ugh. 

I did 5 training hikes! Yay! One of which had great distance and was on a trail I’d not been on before. It was gorgeous!

I continued to go to the chiro and that’s about to wrap up. I also went for a massage and she said I wasn’t as jacked up this time and life is merry and good but still sort of ouch in the glute and shoulder area.

I put myself back on a mostly Whole 30 diet program because my weight is out of control. And not like a fun night of drinking you’ll openly regret but secretly be happy about. Oh, no. I’m the heaviest I have ever been. No good. So, I’m fixing that. I don’t blame the boyfriend, but I do blame his love of desserts and how well he cooks.

My routine has been way off this month due to the holidays and the boyfriend’s work schedule so I’ve been trying to keep my anxiety at bay so I’m, like, super exhausted. Not a good time to also try to eat healthy when all my brain wants is nice comforting food. But I’m already down 3.5 pounds so that’s encouraging.

So, yeah. After the Canyon my life did not go back to my set schedule of hiking all of the weekends and working out all of the Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was my intention for that to happen. Of course it was! But, you know, things happen in our lives that we don’t see coming. I didn’t know that I was going to meet this guy and then, you know, like him and want to forge an actual relationship for the first time in many years. I had no idea! But that’s what’s happened and when you’re forging a new relationship you gotta make room in your life. Because he’s a part of the life and not an accessory in it. And I’m learning how to be in a relationship all over again and learning new routines and new balance and all of it.

2015 was a fantastic year. So many amazing people and events and adventures and I love everything about it. I even love that I’ve changed my routine to not be quite so routine. I’m getting used to it, maybe. I don’t know. Life is sneaky that way.

If you’d like to see photos of all of the adventures, they can be found here.