So, I wanted to do a real, proper post before I took off for the Canyon but this week has just been a whirlwind of activity and anxiety and excitement. So, just a quickie update and then my tired, delirious, glass case of emotion ass is going to bed.

Monday I had lunch with the cute guy. And he is nice and we’ve been texting and we want to see each other again. Yay!!

Tuesday, I worked out with Tyler for the last time before the Canyon. We mostly did stretches.

Oh, before that I went to a hike shop to make sure my pack was packed right and wasn’t too heavy and it was and it wasn’t and life is good. Then I went to the gym and he made me sit down and stand up while wearing the pack and then after that we just did active stretching and he showed me stretches to do in the Canyon and sent me on my way.

Thursday my friends arrived and we had dinner and merriment.

Today we have run all over the place in the most inefficient manner possible buying all of the last minute things and still forgetting some of them and oh my god I am so tired and this is why I don’t have kids with soccer games and dentist appointments and ballet class and math homework. Because running errands and not being organized broke my brain.

I just had a meltdown on my friends because I’m over tired and I’m started to be really anxious so I act like a jerk. Which is horrible. Because my friends are awesome and I love them.

People are sending me good luck cards, posting supportive things on my Facebook, texting me, etc. And I’m overwhelmed with all of the nice and I might cry. Because of the glass case of emotions thing.

So, now I have updated in a super cliff notey way and I can let Jeff have the room and I can go to bed and try to sleep.

Oh. My. God. This is really happening. We’re really going to go hike the Grand Canyon. It’s time. It’s here.



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