Last week I ate more like a person that is living the healthy lifestyle while also having a bit of the other food tossed in here and there. It was way more planned out than the week before and my stomach seems to have settled itself down quite nicely. Hur-fucking-ray!

On Tuesday I went to the gym. But I full of cramps and horribleness so I asked if we could do upper body and he said Yes. So that is what we did.

HS incline chest press 20×15 20×15 20×10
seated cable row 60×10 60×10 60×10
Tricep bench dips 15 15 15
BM shoulder press 35×10 35×10 35×10
LF bicep curls 30×10 30×10 30×10
FM chest press 25×10 30×10 30×10
FM rows 35×10 40×10 45×10
Rope work 20:10 3 movements x2 X X

While doing the FM rows he was all “After this we’ll go do abs” and I was all “Yeah, no to abs.” And he was all “No to abs?” and I repeat “No to abs” and he said “Oh, yeah. No to abs. That’s cool.” and then proceeded to make me do the rope work which required the use of my lower back but I didn’t have it in me to argue. So I did the rope work. Watch me go.

By Thursday things had settled down nicely and I was able to do whatever he wanted me to do. Even though I kinda felt like meh. But I was there, dammit. So we meh’ed my way through some leg work!

FM hack squat 80×15 90×15 100×15
Step ups BL3x10 BL3x10 BL4x10
Leg extensions 35×15 35×10 35×10
Stationary lunges 10 10 10
Super leg press single leg 80×10 80×10 80×10
Hamstring curls 45×10 45×10 45×10

The first two sets of step ups were fine. Then he made me step up on a larger step. And I finally got myself going with the right leg but then it was time to do it with the left and I forgot how to lift my leg. So he’d have me do it on the smaller then quickly go back to the larger to try to duplicate it and it was so weird. I’m so weird you guys. I just stand there with this look on my face like “How do I lift my leg and step up? This is so new to me!” I’m on odd little thing.

Then we went to this one machine and he wanted me to do single leg presses and I couldn’t budge, not even an inch, and I laughed all about that then we went to the other machine to do single leg presses. Umm. The right leg? Solid. Press that shit all day long. Left leg? Weak, useless stick. It’s a STARK difference in strength. I am a righty. Lefty is just along for the ride.

Saturday I take myself and my heavy pack to the trail and hike in the rain.

I didn't melt!

I didn’t melt!

I did not make it to the summit but I am done being angry about that. I’ll climb a scary hill by myself some day, I know it. But I am not yet at those days.

Short but very steep. I hate it on a regular day. Add rain and I noped right on out.

Short but very steep. I hate it on a regular day. Add rain and I noped right on out.

Saturday night I went bowling. Bowling always makes me sore.

I do the bowl wiggle.

I do the bowl wiggle.

Then Sunday I strapped on my big pack again and went on a good 5.5 mile hike with good, steady inclines.

Sunrise hikes, man. So much dreamy sigh.

Sunrise hikes, man. So much dreamy sigh.

I’m able to bend over wearing the pack and pick things up off of the ground! Which is good. And I think that I’m gonna pack it up and take it to the gym a few times this week and next to step up on that step over and over with my left leg. Seems like a thing I should do.

Later on Sunday I picked up my friend, Wendy, and we went to see “I Am Big Bird.” It was so damn emotional. I think I’m still feeling it. Here’s a spoiler video. Enjoy your broken heart.

We’re in the last two weeks of this thing now. I’m so antsy about it now. Ready to just get there. Get my feet on the trail. Take in the views. Do this thing. Experience whatever magic I think this hike is going to bring to my life and soul. I’m ready for that.

I’m ready.


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