Three Weeks!!

In three weeks from today, this moment, I’ll be in the Grand Canyon at the first campground of the trip resting with my friends. Just twenty one days. I’m…excited. And nervous. But mostly excited.

It’s sort of surreal. This event that I’ve been talking about for the past year plus is now just twenty one days away. Like, it’s not longer an abstract thing. Just this thing that I talk about that’s happening in the future. The future is almost now!! OMG!!

The bad thing about taking two weeks off from updating your blog? Your gym spreadsheet isn’t saved and you have absolutely no recollection of what happened in the last three sessions for you to talk about. Let’s just say I rocked it. I know we’ve done all sorts of lunges, squats, wall sits, kettlebell squats, jumps, walking lunges, and crunches. I know that. And I know that I was dizzy and had to take breaks and then Tyler finally said “Please go to the doctor.” So, I did.

My blood pressure is too low and so is my blood sugar. It was last year, too, but now that I did that healthy Whole30 diet they are both lower. Lower to the point of making me dizzy more frequently.

My Mom and I both feel vindicated. For years I’ve gone to different doctors to complain about my dizzy spells and for years they’ve told me nothing is wrong. Well BOOM! yes, yes there is. And it’s not horrible. But it is something and now I know what to try to do. I guess.

Mom said that even as a baby I had to eat every two hours and then I’d only eat a little bit at a time. Seems I am who I am and always have been.

I hiked last weekend. I hiked this weekend. This weekend I finally wore my big pack on a longer hike with some good, steady inclines.

I got a big backpack!

I got a big backpack!

This is just one wee section of the park we walk on that is a sidewalk. It connects the two trails we take to loop back to the cars. We're not just walking along a sidewalk in the desert you guys. Come on.

This is just one wee section of the park we walk on that is a sidewalk. It connects the two trails we take to loop back to the cars. We’re not just walking along a sidewalk in the desert you guys. Come on.

Hiking with it was good. I noticed a bit more effort having to be exerted going up but that’s to be expected. The main difference was that once I was home and on the couch? I passed the fuck out and napped for about an hour. I rarely to that anymore! And then this morning I was a wee bit stiff/sore. But overall things were good.

I’m planning to go on a hike this coming Saturday that has a really good UP that I’ll also have to turn around and go DOWN while wearing my pack. That’ll be good practice. Apparently some of my group was wondering just when I was going to start wearing my pack on hikes.

Last weekend I went on a hike with one of the girls from our group that wanted to teach me a technique to deal with my anxiety and fear of heights. She’s dating a guy that has hiked with me and he’s experienced my fear and he has expressed concern to various people about my ability to do the North Kaibab trail. So she decided to reach out to me to help me. I told her everything I’ve been doing to prepare and I can incorporate her technique with my tools and it’s all great. I’m gonna be fine. I have my friends that I feel comfy with going with me and despite being afraid on the trails, the only times I’ve quit was when I was with people that didn’t make me feel comfortable. So, I’m not too concerned, really.

I am concerned about all of these people discussing me all over town, though. That makes me feel weird. I know it’s in kindness, but it still makes me feel weird.

Last night I inflated my sleeping pad for the first time and lay on it. It’s better than being flat on the ground! That’s positive spin.

I’ve reintroduced some foods to my diet since being off of the Whole30. Some, I don’t need to eat all of the time if at all. Like black beans, which was a surprise since I’d gotten to where I loved them and ate them all of the time. But having tortillas hasn’t seemed to bother my system. Neither has cheese. But ice cream and me seem to no longer get along at all. Creamer in my coffee, real dairy creamer not fake crap, is going well. And my weight had dropped another two pounds.

But this past week was a bit crazy at work and I had to eat at restaurants a bit too frequently and then I succumbed to my PMS and bought these Oreo type cookies at Whole Foods and I’ve gone crazy eating them this weekend. My weight was a wee bit elevated today but I could also just be bloated. But any cookies that are still in the box tomorrow will go to the office for them to eat.

My stomach has still not totally evened out but it’s much better today. Which is good. I’m gonna eat a bit better this week and see how that goes. Pay really good attention to what works and what doesn’t.

And that, I believe, is as good as this update is gonna get!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the people who identify with the label Mom and love and hugs and gentleness to those that miss their Moms, wish they could be Moms and haven’t been able to make it work, or those that choose not to be Moms and encounter rudeness. Happy Day to you all!


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