Day 31

I’ll post and update about the gym later. Today my focus is all about finishing my Whole30!

I sleep better.
I don’t feel the need to snack.
I don’t have cravings unless emotional.
I recognize my cravings as emotional instead of as true hunger.
I have more energy.
I don’t have the 3pm crash.
I’m a better cook.
I enjoy more types of food.
I have new pots and pans.
I have recipe books.
I lost 9.5 lbs.
I lost 2.5 inches around my waist.
I lost 2 inches from around my hips.
I can see the difference!


My plan is to continue to eat healthy, real food and only eat “off plan” on occasion. I want to be able to not stress about going out with friends for lunch or dinner. I want to know that if I want a cookie for non emotional reasons that I can have the cookie.

Today I had a usual breakfast then I went to work and had coffee with all natural creamer and it was glorious.

For lunch I went to a food truck and had lamb!


Everything but the aioli was likely all good. But damn if this wasn’t tasty.

Since I had the creamer earlier I went ahead and had a small amount of ice cream at home to further test dairy. No ill effects but I’ll see tomorrow if I feel bloated.

So that’s the end of my official first Whole30!! I am so excited and feel so good that I kinda want everyone I know and love to do this. But I won’t be that person. I had to come to all of these changes on my own and I suspect that’s how most people operate. So I’ll just be cool.

I can be cool!


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