It’s Wednesday. No humps involved.

I could just do another photo post for the most part to show you all the delicious food I’m eating but I’m not gonna. Instead I’ll just say that I’ve been eating prosciutto, eggs and fruit at breakfast the chocolate chili over sweet potato for lunch, and then my pork chops for dinner. One night I made avocado dressing and had a side baby spinach salad and tonight I sauteed some red peppers and served that with green beans!

I had been feeling like my belly wasn’t as bloated but now I look down and I look fat as fuck. So who knows. I can’t get on the scale to see so I’m just gonna keep on keeping on.

I’m on Day TEN! of the Whole30 now and that means I’m 1/3 of the way done. I am so gonna do this thing and do it right!

Friday I’m going out to lunch with co-workers and friends and I’ve already figured out my game plan as far as what I can order. Grilled chicken and lemon potatoes. No salad, no sauce, no pita, no rice. The grilled chicken and lemon potatoes, though, at this place are so good that is all I really need!

Yesterday I went to the gym as I should and his client before me was a no show so I got to show up early. I went to do my warmup exercises when things went all the way awry and threw me off balance.

As I got on the stairmill it started moving. Like the gears were not catching. And it was going around and around and around with me on it and it was full speed and it would not stop. I then panicked instead of keeping my cool and cried out “HELP! HELP!” However, at a gym people are focused on what they are doing, they have ear buds in, the music is fairly loud, and who knows how loudly I actually yelled. But finally the dude on the stairmill next to mine noticed what was going on and was all “What did you hit?!?!” and I was all “Nothing! It just started going and I can’t make it stop!” and he tried the Stop button and then finally he said “Well, just stop walking. Ride it down.” And I was like “WHAT?!”! and he said “Yes. Just stop walking.” And he’s a genius and I am a dumb panicky awkward nerd.

I’m pretty embarrassed. And my confidence has taken a hit. I think my confidence was shaky at the moment anyway and this just didn’t help. So the rest of the session was an hour of me not doing my best at all and generally just being a whiny asshole.

FM hack squat 80×15 80×15 80×15
FM lift reverse lunge 30×12 30×12 30×12
FM lift stiff leg dead lift 30×15 30×15 30×15
SB hamstring curls 15 15 15
Supinated knee tucks 15 15 15
Superman’s 15 15
Side bend crunch 10 10

I will say that I do the supine knee tucks really damn well. That pleases me because there was a time that I could not lower/straighten my legs out that close to the ground! Core strength! I’m building it!

Then I went to the car and I cried. Because that is how I deal with being super embarrassed and shit. I’m a crier. I’m not even sorry.

The whole incident with the stairmill also tweaked the hell outta my neck on the left side. He massaged it out and I need to go do some stretches now because I didn’t sleep well last night thanks to that and it still hurts and tomorrow is Thursday gym day and I WILL do better than I did last night!

I was assessing¬†the Whole30 today, thus far, with a coworker/friend and determined that even if I get nothing out of it as far as weight loss or feeling like a brand new Andrea? I will have learned how to cook and how to use vegetables and fruit instead of prepackaged crap. And? I’ve learned variety and that cooking doesn’t have to be stressful. And I’ve learned that I really do crave comfort food when I’m feeling not my best. I really wanted to bake brownies today. So that was a thing I kinda knew I did but now I know it for sure. See? Already learning.

My next projects will be to make my own mayo, find compliant chorizo, and make this amazing scallop and chorizo recipe I just saw posted on the Whole30 Recipes Instagram page. HOLY YUM!!!

I got to leave work early today thanks to some home repair that needed to be done and I’ve spent the day with my little dogs. I’ve had good one on one time with my Gladys girl and I’ve had nice one on one time with Riley and I’ve had enough of them wrestling on my lap when they should do that shit in the floor. But I think having this afternoon with a few hours that I usually do not have in the middle of the week did help with my mood. I don’t feel as Charlie Brown now.

And with that I shall bid you a good evening!


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