One Week

Apparently I’m just going to be a Saturday blogger. That’s fine. It’s my blog and I’m the boss!

On Sunday I took the two dogs on the easy hike.

One of them is a hiker. The other one is a dog that likes to be on a walk. There is a difference!

One of them is a hiker. The other one is a dog that likes to be on a walk. There is a difference!

It was mostly good and then we went home. Where I had my first breakfast with the homemade breakfast sausage I made. OMGYUM. It was so good! I scrambled two eggs and mixed in the “sausage” and topped it with salsa and that was really good. I had that for breakfast most days and dinner after the gym since there’s no actual time to cook anything major.

I then got an entire chicken put together and into the crockpot and it turned out so good. That was my lunch for the week along with some green beans.

Crock pot chicken!

Crock pot chicken!

Work lunch all week. Totally Whole 30 compliant!

Work lunch all week. Totally Whole 30 compliant!

Sunday night was a free for all last hurrah because I had tickets to go see Dave Chappelle with a friend. So we had dinner and drinks and so many laughs!

But then Monday it was GAME ON! I started the Whole 30 for real and for the entire day I had no sugar or caffeine because I had no tea bags at my house. But I did research on McDonald’s unsweetened tea to make sure they don’t sneak anything sneaky and bad in there and they do not so it’s compliant and I used that as a solution until I bought tea bags!

Unsweetened tea is not gonna be so bad.

Unsweetened tea is not gonna be so bad.

Monday I was headachy and dizzy and generally kind of ugh. They warn you of the timeline on what to expect as far as how you feel as you adjust to eating whole, real food and so far they’ve been pretty spot on.

I joined the Whole 30 daily email program they have but since I joined up on Monday I had to set my Day 1 as Tuesday so they are a day off from me. Which is fine, I’m going by my timeline since I know I’ve been compliant each day thus far!

Tuesday I felt like complete and utter shit but I went to work out with Tyler as scheduled. And he did NOT take it easy on me. I learned I have no idea how to properly stand up. So, he put me up against the wall to practice standing up with the rocking motion most of us do and I brushed my face against the wall once so we just determined that was extra exfoliation for the day.

Walking lunges LOT LOT
DB front squat to stepper 20×10 20×10 20×10
Quick step ups 30 30 30
roman chair leg raises 15 15 15
FM chest press 20×20 25×15 30×10/5
FM row 40×20 50×15 60×10/5
Decline sit ups 10 10 10

He kept increasing the weight on the chest presses and rows to show me that it was all in my head. That the sugar withdrawl was lying to me and making me think I was weak but in reality I was basically doing everything he asked of me. It felt harder than usual and I did get quite dizzy but I made it through and wound up doing so much more than I even realized!

Tuesday was also my first unsweetened iced tea from Mc D’s and it wasn’t so bad, really. And? I ate a banana! I generally do not like bananas but that was so good.


If this doesn’t make you giggle I don’t know what to do with you.

Wednesday I felt a bit better. I bought another unsweetened iced tea from Mc. D’s on the way to work. Then I went to the grocery store after work to buy more strawberries, blackberries, and bananas! I made garlic basil tilapia and mashed sweet potatoes with cloves and cinnamon. I also ordered the book It Starts With Food for my kitchen and pre-ordered the Whole30 Book because I’m that motivated and serious. I’m that person now. 

I started reading this Friday night and I'm already on Chapter 6 and I now feel like they wrote this just for me. I totally understand why I haven't lost weight! But I shall still keep my weight loss expectations low despite what all the people I know that have done this have told me.

I started reading this Friday night and I’m already on Chapter 6 and I now feel like they wrote this just for me. I totally understand why I haven’t lost weight! But I shall still keep my weight loss expectations low despite what all the people I know that have done this have told me.

On Thursday I had two eggs, no sausage, strawberries, and blackberries for breakfast. I took the blackberries and a banana to the office for snacks if needed. I drank pumpkin spided Chai tea. It was OK, better than no tea. But I prefer just usual black tea to that.

Then off I went to the gym to work with Tyler. I took my backpack with all my gear in it with me. I did my warm ups and then he put me on the stairmill with the backpack on for a few minutes. And then off we went to do steps on the box.

with backpack 15lbs
Step up to lateral step up 10 10 10
Box squats 10 10 10
Step up with resistance bands (behind,2sides) 10(4)
Box squats 10
SB DB chest press 15×15 15×15 15×15
SB crunch 20 20 20
Active stretch X

At one point I’m doing the step up to lateral step ups and another trainer comes over and is all “Now that I’ve seen you on the stairmill with your pack on none of my clients are allowed to complain. You’ve raised the bar!” I AM THE BAR AT THE GYM FOR SOMETHING!!! I never thought that would be a thing.

The box squats were more practice of standing up properly. With my pack on! He gave me scenarios as to why this may be important and I’d mime these scenarios and he’d laugh and then I’d get serious. But I gotta go for that laugh first, apparently.

Then as we’re doing the step ups with resistance bands, which, let me just tell you what that is. He wrapped what was essentially a giant rubber band around my hips, pulled on it, then made me step up and down the box without losing my balance! He did that from behind and each side. I had to do 10 step ups with each leg. One of the front desk dudes came by and said “That looks horrible!” But it wasn’t!

Before I got to the gym on Thursday I thought I felt kinda bad. But once I was there doing everything, I felt pretty good. By the time I left I felt like my normal self!

The last set of swiss ball chest presses, though, was hard and I really had to push through but I did and he said “Good set!!” That made me happy.

Then we did active stretches because we did so much leg stuff on Tuesday then again on Thursday.

My office was closed for Good Friday so a co-worker friend and I went to Bearizona to see bears. Because I love them!

The main reason I went? This. Baby bears.

The main reason I went? This. Baby bears.

I had breakfast before we left and had a McD’s unsweetened tea for the drive and for lunch we went to a steakhouse and I had a steak and a salad that I simply put salt and pepper on and it was fine. The only hard part was when they brought the rolls to the table. Good lord they smelled amazing. But I refrained. Like a good Whole 30 participant.

When I got home I didn’t feel like cooking anything super elaborate so I did more scrambled eggs and “sausage” but this time I also sauteed zucchini then used half of it for my dinner and that was delicious!

So good. Vegetables!

So good. Vegetables!

So far over the first six days of this I’ve learned that there are so many delicious foods that don’t include sugar, pasta, cheese, or Oreos! Who knew?!?!?

Then once that was done and I settled in for the evening with some Hulu Plus queueing, I had this going on:

This is why you have two doggies. Double the cuddles.

This is why you have two doggies. Double the cuddles.

I was supposed to do a difficult hike today, Saturday, but I had fully entered the upset stomach stage and for a while I could not be far from home. Once that calmed a wee bit I went to Costco and Sprouts to buy good food.

So much health.

So much health.

I made a chocolate chili that a friend of mine pointed me to and it is amazing! That will be my lunch for the week. And I made plenty so I can go ahead and, likely, freeze half for use another time! That’s the good thing about following recipes for several servings and you’re only eating for one!

Once this was all combined and cooked? It was tasty in my mouth.

Once this was all combined and cooked? It was tasty in my mouth.

If everything I make during these 30 days is this tasty I’m not going to have any problem staying compliant!

Today is my Day 6. I’ve made it to Day 6!!!

Tomorrow morning, belly rumbles to determine, will be a hike. And then I’ll spend the day cleaning and cooking some pork chops that I saw a picture of in the It Starts With Food book. They have basic recipes in there to make it easy for you and that is fantastic!

I’m so excited by everything I’ve read in the book and all of the tasty food I’ve made and I want to talk about it but then I know that I used to be one of those people that rolled their eyes when others were excited about their healthy lifestyle so I will try to keep it toned down. I don’t want to get obnoxious. But I am very excited! I cannot wait to find out what this does for me in the end. I’m hoping, of course, for weight loss, but I’d love to see if this regulates my period for me. I’d love to see the semi-dark circles under my eyes go away. I’d like to see me have energy all day until it’s my body’s natural time to start relaxing in the evening. I’m so excited!! But I’ll keep it chill.


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