One Week

Tuesday gym:

seated hamstring curls 55×15 55×15 55×15
Leg press 90×15 90×15 90×15
Standing BW calf raises 20 20 20
Hip ADductor 40×12 30×12 30×12
Hip ABductor 80×12 90×12 90×12
Back extensions 15 25×15 25×15
Gravity sit ups 10 10 10
Cybex seaed row 40×15 40×15 40×15
LF lateral raise machine 15×12 20×12 20×12
Med ball rissian twist slams 8×20 8×20 8×20
Med ball toe touches 8×20 8×20 8×20

Yep. I really did as much as it looks like I did. And that was after I started the day having a transvaginal ultrasound which, for some reason, seems to make me feel queasy and crampy the rest of the day. I told Tyler about it and the we went over to do the hip abduction machine thing and I laughed because of so many stirrups in one day.

One thing to note? While I was doing my standing calf raises? I noticed a dude looking at me. Like, right at me. Watching me. It was odd. Then I saw him again later and he checked me out then, too. It was off-putting for some reason.

That’s all I need to say about Tuesday.

Thursday gym:

walking lunges with lunge hop LOT LOT LOT
Lunge, lunge, jump squat LOT LOT LOT
Behind head lat pull down 30×15 40×15 NA
Spider man wall walks (yellow band) 4 4 4
Band lateral push up walk 5 / 5 5 / 5 5 / 5
Planks 30s 30s
Plank up downs 6 6

This doesn’t look like a lot, but it was. The lunges were 3/4ths of the lot then I would jog the last 1/4th. This shit was hard. And tiring.

The spider man walks up the wall was hard as fuck. Up and down was one set. Yikes.

The band lateral push up walk was hard, too.

The planks, not so much.

The plank up and downs? I must practice those at home because they made me feel inferior to the entire world.

Saturday I did a hike at Union Peak. I was doing great and kicking ass and then suddenly, when I’m almost at the end of the ridge line and had did fantastic, my brain kicked in and said “NOPE.” Cindy got in front of me and then I continued on my way. It was weird. It angered me that it happened.

Then I came home and cleaned up a pile of papers that I had laying around. I’m counting this as part of my 1,000 Things because I sure do love to have stacks of crap laying about.

49 items from the stack are gone!

49 items from the stack are gone!

I have now gotten rid of 220 items!

Today, Sunday, I took Gladys on our Sunday hike. To Balancing Rock.

Balance Rock-3

In person these are pink and look really fluffy and fun. I love them a lot.

Balance Rock-6

This is her wide legged “why aren’t we moving forward!” stance. She doesn’t enjoy all of the stopping. She’s a mover. Very rugged.

Balance Rock-17

One of the other hikers took this photo and I stole it from the group site because I kinda love it. Except for that weird smudge thing in the sky. Other than that? I love this a lot.

I also made chicken tikka masala in my crockpot and it is delicious and I eat it with black rice.

I went to see a movie.

I’ve taken care of the pool.

I cleaned up and did laundry.

I took a nap on Saturday and it was glorious.

So, I guess you can say this was a pretty well rounded weekend. I approve.


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