So Many Ouches

So it’s a wild Friday night and I’m updating my blog. With up to dateness. Watch out!

Yesterday was gym day. So, I did my warm ups. And then we did the “Hey, our anniversary was yesterday!” high five. And then? He killed my legs.

So, he puts me on the hip abduction machine thing. It looks like a gyno chair.

Seriously. Would you like to look at my cervix now or later?

I had to push this thing open with my legs and closed, as pictured, with my legs. This shit was hard. I forget which was which but I did three sets of 15 with 30 pounds one way and three sets of 15 with 70, 80, then 90 pounds the other.

In between the gym based leg spreading, I had to sit down then stand up with one leg, balance on that leg, then sit back down. Three sets of 10 sits and stands with each leg.

After that portion we went over and I had to jump up on the low box. Three sets of twenty jumps. I am not a jumping bean, I told him. He informed me that yes I am. So I guess I am.

Then I had to put a band around my ankles and do leg kick backs. Three sets of 20 with each leg. I felt this in my glutes. I suspect that is where I was supposed to feel that.

Then I had to move the band close to my knees and do three sets of 20 jump squats. This made me very dizzy and tired. The whole thing did, really, but it seemed to be really pronounced during this. Likely since I was in more overall motion. Stupid dizzy. But he did point out that doesn’t happen as much as it used to and you know what? He’s totally right.

Then I did three sets of 15 hamstring curls with 30 pounds. It seemed so much easier last night than it ever has! That must mean I’ve actually progressed. Woo!

I also did calf raises on a machine with weight added but I didn’t make note of how much weight and the spreadsheet did not save. I know he filled it out, though. But, again, not saved. Grrrr!

Yesterday and today my arms have just been so sore from what we did on Tuesday. Like, just opening doors hurts. Lifting my arms to put on deodorant hurt. Just a lot of soreness. But that’s good. Sore means I really worked it.

Today my inner thigh area is sore. Likely from the gyno machine.

And that is all I have to report. I took Gladys on a not worth mentioning walk this evening and tomorrow morning I am opting to sleep in and not go hike and I am going on a nice, leisurely, scenic drive with a friend to a local state park I’ve not been to and check out the wildflowers that we hear are already in bloom! I’ve already charged my camera battery.

It’s good to have some downtime. Since I took that one week off from gymming and hiking we realized my knees have been better. Not as many complaints in the gym and they haven’t gotten as tired on the trails. So, yeah. Downtime is good all around!

And in my financial health news I just ended my latest budget period with a surplus. It’s the type of surplus that makes me nervous that I have forgotten to pay something or somebody. I’m not used to having a healthy budget, I guess.

Happy weekend!


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