New Things!

Monday I wore a pair of my Doc Martens to work and realized they just do not fit. So I asked a coworker that wears my size if she’d want them and she enthusiastically said yes! So they are now hers. I forgot to take a photo, though, before giving them to her. But they are part of my 1,000 Things Project. I will no longer hold on to things I cannot use! That brings my total to 157 items outta here!

I walked Gladys on Monday. We, apparently, think walking around our neighborhood is boring. We’ll both happily walk 4 miles in the desert and not once slow down or look bored. But a 1.37 mile walk around the neighborhood just makes us both unhappy. We need closer desert, I guess.

Also, on Monday, I used my new cookbook and made Chicken Enchilada Stew!



And it turned out DELICIOUS!!!

You can't taste this but you can tell. You know this is tasty good.

You can’t taste this but you can tell. You know this is tasty good.

Tuesday I gymmed! When I get to the gym I did my warm ups and then had to wait for Tyler to finish up with his other client. The back door of the gym was propped open so I went and stood out there and just enjoyed the quiet and the being outside and the perfect temperature. When he came out to get me I explained that I just needed some quiet before we got to work. He then suggested we just work out there! He brought out dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a weighted basket ball type ball and I did my thing out there. And? It was really awesome. It was quiet and perfect and I just enjoyed it so much.

I did curl & presses with a half squat. Three sets of 20.
I did squats then swung a kettlebell up and back down. Three sets of 20.
I threw the weighted basketball up at the wall from my chest level and caught it for three sets of 20.
Then I backed up and threw that ball from over my head to the wall and caught it for three sets of 20.
Lunges on the stairs while pressing the medicine ball up. Three sets of 20 on each leg.
Then side squats with one leg on a stair and the other on the ground while holding the medicine ball at chest level. Three sets of 20.
Then I did two things inside. Crunches on some machine where I hold the straps that are attached to the weights and then crunch over. Three sets of 15. Then I had to do crunches on the roman chair. The kind where your back isn’t touching the pad, just your butt. And he said “You’ve gotten stronger!”

And you know what?!? I allowed myself to say “I KNOW! I have!” Because I have.

We then discussed that my one year anniversary is March 4th and just how far I’ve come since then. And now he’s going to put together some scary tough anniversary work out for Tuesday AND Thursday of that week. I can do it.

Today I ordered a new cheese shredder since I killed my cheapy one. This time I bought a good one. And I bought a ladle. For using with my crock pot. My kitchen is getting so mature.

Then I also went and bought new gym shoes!

This gave me some angst because I do not want bright, neon gym shoes and that’s the norm these days. So I looked around at the online stores that have them and they were all the same price no matter which shop it was. But at Road Runner Sports I’m a VIP member and I had a coupon. So, they won. But they don’t offer all of the colors that the Brooks Ghost 7 come in.

I had really wanted this one:

I love purple!

I love purple!

But Roadrunner Sports only has these colors listed on their site:

pink brooks minty gum brooks blue brooks

I had finally decided I’d go with the blue! They’re not so bright and they’re different than what I have now. And, according to my friends, they’d make me faster and stronger and super desirable.

These guys will now be my walking the dog shoes!

These guys will now be my walking the dog shoes!

But, of course, when I got to the store they only had the pink or the minty gum colored ones. I totally hate the pink. Hate them a lot. So, I went with the minty gum ones. They’re, what I imagine when I look at all of the options, newer version of what I already had!

There's some purple there! Yay purple!

There’s some purple there! Yay purple!

I introduced the old to the new and we all had a good talk and everyone is fine and dandy with this whole thing. And? I got new gym shoes and saved $25 in the process. So, that’s all a good day right there.

Brooks Ghost 6, meet Brooks Ghost 7.

Brooks Ghost 6, meet Brooks Ghost 7.

And then I came home and ate all of the things because that seems to be what I do now. Is be hungry and eat.

I, also, am trying to determine whether or not I’m going to lose this nail:

My gross toe.

My gross toe.

The nail has looked bruised and there seemed to be a callus formed under it, too. Well, I was finally able to peel away some of the callus and then it looks like the bruise is drying up but the nail is also, kinda, loose? I dunno. I’m hoping I can be gentle with it and the nail will grow out and I can just keep cutting and peeling and not really ever lose it. That’s my hope. That’s my toe. Now you know.

Now I shall go reflect on how to be faster, stronger, and more desirable in my new, but not blue, shoes.


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