Spring Ahead

My schedule should now be back to normal! That makes me happy. I like my routine. Yes, the break from it here and there is lovely but I’m looking forward to just being on track for a bit.

But first I have a week to recap! Let’s get right to it.

TRX rows
Foam roller
Stationary lunges
Shoulder up & overs
SB hamstring curls
SB knee tucks

Seriously. The WiFi at the gym is fucking with my records. There was nothing saved in regards to sets but it’s fine. There was no weight involved, other than the shoulder up and overs and I’m pretty sure that was with the 12lb bar.

So, first I had to do the TRX rows. Three sets. I think each set was different. But don’t hold me to that. And since I fully admitted to not foam rolling due to illness he made me roll between each set of rows. He told me to roll my hips, quads, hams, calves, and butt. I said “But my butt is fine!” and he said “Roll the butt.” And I was rolling my butt and was feeling nothing and said “See?! There’s nothing in my butt!” and he looked at me and I was all “You know what I mean!” But then he showed me a different way to roll my butt and ouch, yeah, there’s knots in my butt.

Then I had to do stationary lunges. First set was just lunges. Then I had to do two sets of forward and backward lunges. The thighs. They burned.

In between the lunges I did the shoulder up and overs. But he said I had to do the Gandolf with the bar and then I pretended to do the whole YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! thing and he was all “Yes! Now, twenty times with each arm.” I’m lucky he’s my trainer.

Then the real fun started. He pulls out the Swiss ball and tells me to do the hamstring curls. These I’ve done before. So I start and he’s all “Wait. As you pull your legs in, lift your pelvis up.” and I was all “I thought I was!” and he said I wasn’t and then I did and he said “yes, just like that” and then I started to giggle and said “Oh, shut up Andrea!” and he laughed and walked away.

But then he made me do the knee tucks on this thing. I’d not done this before so for the first set he shows me what do do and he’s understanding of my giggles and rolling off of it. He reminds me to do small corrections when balancing to prevent the rolling and reminds me to keep my core engaged. There is just so much you gotta do and keep in mind. It’s exhausting!

While I’m doing my next set of hamstring curls a hot dude shows up and gets really close to my space and asks if he’s too close to my space and we both tell him no but then I do a comedy routine about him distracting me. That’s how you get a hot dude’s attention at the gym. Self deprecation and sarcasm.

The second set of knee tucks was ugly but I KILLED IT! on my last set. I looked down towards the ball instead of straight at the ground and that seemed to help me with my balance. Boom!

Since I’d been sick and I was a trooper during this set he let me go after 50 minutes. I allowed it.

Wednesday and Thursday I was so sore! I haven’t been sore like that in a bit. But off I went to my Thursday session anyway!

BM incline chest press 40×10 40×10 40×10
HS lat pull down rev grip, 50×20 70×12 70×12
TRX T rows 10 10 10
TRX bicep curls 10 10 10
Roman chair leg raises 10 10 10
Roman chair knee raises 10 10 10

That BM incline chest press continues to be my nemesis. He had to help me on every single one. I hate that.

The only other thing about Thursday I want to discuss is this TRX T row thing he made me do. Holy effing shit. This scared me. I hated it a lot. It’s like doing a trust fall but you have to trust yourself. Thursday I learned I trust myself about as much as I trust all you other people. Which is not really a whole lot! But I did them. It took a lot of nervous giggle time, sweaty palm wiping, and him saying “See? You did it!” while giving me high fives. Not a fan. But that’s ok.

That was Thursday.

Then it was the weekend and I was back to my hiking each day! Yay!

Saturday we went out to Lake Pleasant and did an absolutely gorgeous hike.

It's a lake! And it was, in fact, very pleasant!

It’s a lake! And it was, in fact, very pleasant!

With it being my first hike in three weeks I was glad it was an easy hike. It was about 5.5 miles with little elevation gain. But it was good for getting back out there.

Then this morning this little lady barricaded the door until I admitted to her that she was, in fact, going on the hike with me.

Seriously. I'm Gandalf, bitch. You? Ain't passing.

Seriously. I’m Gandalf, bitch. You? Ain’t passing.

Today was an easy 4 mile hike with a few nice hills to walk up so I loaded all of my camping gear into my big backpack to get used to that. After putting that and my full 3 liters of water I had about 15.2 lbs on my back. It was really not too noticeable until I went to walk up hills. Then I could tell I had an extra 15 pounds on my person.

Don't everybody ask for my number all at once.

Don’t everybody ask for my number all at once.

A very nice man asked if I’d like for him to take our photo and I said YES! and then Gladys wouldn’t look so I was making my kissy noises to get her to look and that is when he took the photo and that is why I look like the coolest. Other than, yeah, I’m just, you know, the coolest.

Gladys did great and I was happy getting another hike in and doing it with my big bag and there were a few times that I had to ask people to excuse me so I could walk around them since I kicked it into high gear. Yay, me!

After this I went to Costco and bought stuff I needed. Which also meant I grabbed a cookbook!

It matches the kitchen counters!

It matches the kitchen counters!

I’ve already picked out a really delicious sounding recipe for pork chops to try out first. I’m gonna branch out and cook good foods. I even bought two sweet potatoes. Now I just, you know, need to cook them. Once I figure out how. Yeah.

And Gladys spent a good part of the day being a tired hiker.

She really is the cutest.

She really is the cutest.

Everything is going pretty well, is what I’m saying. I like that.


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