Spring Cleaning

I did not workout with Tyler this week. I did not walk Gladys this week. I worked and rested this week. Today I am sneezy and ugh but will go hike with Gladys tomorrow on an easy 4 mile trail.

I was hit with the need to get rid of some things this morning and straighten up so today has been devoted to the 1,000 Things Challenge.

I am a keeper of paper. I am a keeper of paper that will remind me of a fun time. However I am now doing my photo books digitally instead of with scrapbooking tools so I do not need to keep these things. My goal for this year is to work on my photo book for 2015 as I edit the photos and get them ready. And? To scan any paper mementos that may go with them. The first ones of the year? The PGA tickets and daily pairing sheets! Scanned and recycled, my friends. This is a big deal. This counts towards my goal of getting rid of stuff. Six items, gone. Bringing the total to 30!

Precious memories!!

Precious memories!!

Then I went through all of the freebies that my Dad picked up at the PGA event and tossed out the trash, put the granola bars in the pantry, the sunscreen and chapstick in my hiking supplies closet, and then? Put the stuff I do not need in the box to leave this house! That is three items. My total is now up to 33!

Free stuff!!

Free stuff!!

These three things are of no use to me. Out of my house with you!!

These three things are of no use to me. Out of my house with you!!

Today I told the world I was going to go shopping. Instead I watched “Friends” on Netflix and then started to clean out my closet to prepare for my shopping spree. After I posted a photo of all of the things I pulled out of my closet a friend invited me to a clothing swap in two weeks. Now, this may mean I may take some things out of the house and then replace with new things. But I’m not going to sweat that. Because I will only replace things with things that I need. So it’s all just a net loss, OK? Yes!

1000 things-4

So many clothes, so much nothing to wear.

So many clothes, so much nothing to wear.

I hate to shop. So most of the stuff that I have to give away is super dated or super worn out or both. But maybe somebody will like something and take it? And if not? It all goes to a charity as donations so yay all around! If my count is correct, this is 87 pieces of clothing! Bringing my total of things gone to 120!!

Then I have three dog accessories that are way too small for Gladys and are not anything I can reuse = 123.
A five piece Batman toy set = 128.
One Pez dispenser and some Pez = 129.
Six books = 135.
Three hair accessories = 138.
Four pair of socks = 142.
The bra from my wedding! = 143.
One scarf = 144.
Two bathing suits = 146.
One bag = 147.
Three wallets = 150.
Three t-shirts from my previous employer = 153.
Three bottles of lotion that I will never ever use = 156!!!

1000 things-6

Tiny dog harnesses.

1000 things-7

I’m sorry, Batman. I cannot keep you.

1000 things-8

I’m giving away a Woody. Any takers?!?

1000 things-9

Swim suits that just do not suit me. At all.

1000 things-10

Fun knee socks that I just never ever wear. Likely because I live in Arizona.

1000 things-11

Handmade hand bag!

1000 things-12

Wallets. Go away.

1000 things-13

I kept one. That’s enough.

1000 things-14

I have a love/hate relationship with lotion. I hate slathering it on. Hate it. But I like the way it smells. So i buy it and then never use it. The other bottle is just too greasy for me. I have a bottle I use and that’s the way it should be. Go to a home that will enjoy rubbing you onto their skin. With or without the threat of a hose.

So, yeah. Here we are in the beginning of the second month of the year and I’m already up to getting rid of 156 items. Woooo!

Now I will spend the rest of the day washing all of the stuff I’m giving away and packing it up. And NOT going shopping. because, really? Who wants to do that? Not me, that’s who.

Seriously, someone needs to kidnap me and make me shop…


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Chickie, you need to put this stuff on your lawn and have a goddang yard sale! Even if you said “Everything 25 cents” you’d walk away with some extra cash. Silly.

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