Lost Time

So! One would think I would have a whole lot to say to catch back up. One would be a little bit wrong.

I didn’t get to workout last Tuesday as last week at work was NUTS and I only got to work out with Tyler on Thursday. But we did this stuff:

TRX rows 10 10 10
Weight stick shoulders up & over 20 20 20
Med ball squat toss down turf 15xLOT 15xLOT 15xLOT
Med ball hold overhead down turf 15LOT 15LOT 15LOT
Crunch 15 15 15
Crunch feet up 15 15 15
Leg lifts 15 15 15
Toe touches 15 15 15
Leg extensions 25×15 25×15 25×15
Gorilla squats 10 10 10

The first time I was doing the medicine ball squat and toss down the turf I wasn’t doing it totally right. Then I did them totally well. Then he made me add in burpees on the last set and everything went to shit.

The last set of the medicine ball hold overhead was me actually lifting it up and down over my head as I walked down the turf.

Then I did so many crunches. SO MANY CRUNCHES!

I have no idea what a gorilla squat is. None. Unless it was those squats I did to stretch out my hamstrings, which I assume it is since I did that between each set of leg extensions.

Then my Dad came to town and we spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Phoenix Waste Management Open, the PGA event. It was so fun. Saturday I wore my FitBit and inbetween all of the walking we did there and the walk I gave Gladys I walked 7.5 miles that day! Go me!

Yesterday I had cold symptoms and a sore throat so Tyler told me to keep my cooties to myself. So there is no more update for this here blog.

Today I am home from work getting some rest. I think I really just needed some rest. It’s as important to your health as all of the exercise and eating right. So, here I am. Getting rest. Go me.


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