butterfly belly

The other day I was waiting for Tyler to be ready to start our session and I heard two of the trainers talking about their weight. One was all “Yeah, I’m up to 217 and bro friend is mad since I’m heavier than him but mine’s fat. What are you up to now?” The other answered “205!” and the first was all “Nooice!” And I was all “The fuck is happening here?” It was not anything you’d hear between two lady friends. I was amused.

Then we got to work. And we did A LOT!

Vertical chest press 80×10 80×10 80×10
BM incline chest press 40×10 40×10 30×10
BM seated row 60×10 80×10 80×10
SB DB shoulder press 10×10 10×10 10×10
SB DB Bicep curls 10×10 10×10 10×10
SB DB crunch 10×10 10×10 10×10
Rope jumping jacks 15 15 15
Rope single arm slams 10 10 10
Single arm med ball slams 2 4×16 10×20
Bosu ball crunch 2 15 15
Bosu ball alt knee to elbow 2 20 20
Bosu ball alt hand to foot 2 20 20

That vertical chest press? I am only giving myself credit for 70lbs because he helped. Not a lot but he was involved.

The BM incline chest press KICKED MY ASS. I have no idea why. It made me feel weak and ineffectual.

I hate the rope jumping jacks. It’s awkward. I feel awkward and he wouldn’t tell me if I look as awkward as I feel so that totally means I do.

Then a lady trainer was all “Oh, I like your Brooks! Are those this season’s Ghosts?” and I was all “No! This is last year’s and I love them” and she was all “Oh, me, too!” and I finally got to actually discuss the latest fashion trends in a manner that made sense to me. About gym shoes. I can’t even begin to tell you how amusing all of this paragraph is to me.

While I was doing the single arm rope slams I was killing it with the right arm. We had to train the left arm to go straight up and down in a slamming motion instead of a circular pulling the rope to me motion. My left side is weird, y’all.

After that he wanted me to do single arm medicine ball slams. I tried to explain that my hand is not large enough to palm a ball and that was why I wasn’t a Harlem Globetrotter and he was all “That’s the ONLY reason?” and I was all “Yeah. The only one.” But then I finally got the motion down with the 4 pound ball and then he made me do them for real with the 10 pound and I slammed and slammed and slammed.

We finished the evening with him killing my abs. Two ab circuits in a week. Under my belly flab are some nice abs, I just know it!

Once we were done with that I rushed to my car and got into traffic and went to dinner with my hiking group to discuss the plan for tomorrow. The big event!! It’s tomorrow!! Woooo! We’re meeting at 6:30am so I should go to bed soon. But only after I catch up with Oliver Queen.

I walked Gladys this evening and I’ll foam roll and then that’ll be that.

Tomorrow is so serious that I even bought Gatorade! My first one ever!

Fruit punch won't be gross, yeah?

Fruit punch won’t be gross, yeah?

I’ve had some Gatorade, sure. And it was yuck. But I’ve never willingly bought it. Or needed to buy it. Until now! I’m a person that has to rehydrate, y’all!

Tomorrow is a big deal for me. I think it’s because this is a mountain that I can actually point to and say “You see that? I walked from one end to the other.” All of my other hikes have been in places that are tucked away so they don’t feel as tangible or something? But this I see as I drive around. You can see it as you land at Sky Harbor. And? It’s something that just a year ago I would never have even have been able to fathom me doing. And now I can. I am so proud of myself. I wish that was enough, though. I find myself wanting to hear from all of the people that they’re proud of me, too. I guess I’m likely to never ever stop looking for approval and acceptance. That may just be who I am.

Who I am is ok, though.


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